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This episode delved more into the character of Damon, which meant it was a showcase for Ian Somerhalder - and he stole every scene he was in.

Vicki also played a central role because she was recovering from her vampire attack. Once Stefan learned that she had told Matt that a vampire was the culprit, he paid her a visit at the hospital and did his best to "glamour" her; i.e. hypnotize her into believing that an animal actually attacked her.

However, due to his avoidance of human blood, Stefan's powers aren't nearly as strong as his brother's. Later in the episode, there's an epic confrontation: while most of Mystic Falls is celebrating the rare event of a comet in the sky, Damon as Vicki on a rooftop. Stefan tries to intervene. But Damon re-glamours Vicki and says that a vampire attacked her - and it was Stefan. This leaves Stefan with a choice: he can drink her blood, get more powerful and then convince her otherwise, or he can leave her to tell the town that he's a vampire.

Stefan gives an impassioned speech that she can go tell everyone and even if they drive a stake through his heart, at least he'll be free from Damon. This guy really hates his brother!

Damon isn't moved, but he does get into Vicki's head one more time and takes away the vampire tale. What is this guy up to? That's what Stefan wants to know, but Damon likes being mysterious.

Meanwhile, Jeremy likes being high. He's falling more and more apart, as a history teaches guilt trips his aunt into feeling like a bad parent. She ends up going through his room and admitting to Elena that she's afraid of messing up as a mother.

Jeremy won't listen to reason at all, though. The only person that can make him happy is Vicki; and he appeared to be getting close to her after revealing that he's the one that found her (and after supplying her with pain pills), but she's kissing Tyler again by the time the episode is over.

Let's go back to the Salvatores: early in the episode, Elena shows up at their house and meets Damon for the first time. He isn't exactly welcoming, quickly alerting Elena to the fact that Stefan got badly hurt by his ex-girlfriend, Katherine. Stefan soon shows up, but Elena leaves awkwardly, upset at the Katherine news and at the fact that Stefan never said he had a brother.

While it seems like these two won't give love a chance, Elena realizes that she's just scared. She has to stop writing in her journal and start living life. So she goes back over to Stefan's, takes him outside and the two share a nice talk - oh, and a major make out session! Hot!

We thought the episode would end there. But instead it flashes to Damon and Caroline in bed (they again met in the parking lot, following their eye-balling one another to close the series premiere, remember?). She seems to be enjoying herself immensely... but so is Damon, in the only way he can. The last scene of the hour? His fangs coming out and a chunk of Jenna's neck going into his mouth!

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