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Stefan and Damon begin their quest for more victims in an anger management class. The entire group is compelled and Stefan believes he's the better soul-finder. Stefan taps into his 1920s Ripper nature to torture the group into deciding who should die. 

In the time Damon spends killing one soul for Cade, Stefan manages to drink from the remaining members of the group in a controlled manner in order to keep his Ripper side intact. He believes that by controlling his feeds, he can keep from losing himself.

Caroline writes to Elena outside the halls of Mystic Falls High School. She's acting as an "embedded journalist" in preparation for Founder's Day and she's all alone. Matt delivers Tyler's box to the Armory and he finds Dorian waiting to collect the information. He also learns that he's a descendant of one of the Sirens' victims. 

While Caroline interviews a student, Sybil enters the classroom as a new history teacher. She wants something from Caroline, but Caroline can't figure out what that is.

Damon and Stefan sit in an outside cafe' and mark a young doctor as a potential victim. Stefan stabs Damon with vervain to get the doctor's attention. While Damon rests in the hospital, Stefan learns the young doctor's parents both died in a car crash when she was a teenager. 

Matt and his father, Peter, learn a little more about their family history in Mystic Falls, but Matt is not enthused. There is a strong connection between the Maxwells, St. Johns, and the Sirens. 

Stefan tries to get the doctor to open up about her past by talking about her organ-needing patients. He compels her to believe that Damon is the drunk driver who killed her parents in order to see what she'll do in response. Damon doesn't think the doctor will be corrupted by Stefan's story, but Stefan disagrees. 

Sybil continues quizzing her students and Caroline on the history of Mystic Falls. Caroline names the founding families as the beginning of Mystic Falls but Sybil corrects her. The town, according to Sybil, began in 1790 when 100 witches were burned at the stake. She takes the class, and Caroline, on a field trip.

As they walk through the woods, Sybil tells Caroline about the real founding of Mystic Falls and the reason 100 witches were burned alive. There's a church bell she needs to find, but it went over the Wickery Bridge in 1992 during a Founder's Day Parade. Sybil plans to burn her students alive in order to coerce Caroline into finding the bell.

Damon and Stefan continue working on the doctor, but Damon is too weak to compel the doctor. Stefan tries to convince Tara to use Damon's organs to save other lives. She "kills" Damon and Stefan has his answer about the purity of her heart. Stefan finds the locket he gave Elena in Damon's pocket and knows that Damon isn't fully committed to their year of servitude.

Caroline calls Matt to find Peter so she can ask about the bell. They believe it's somewhere at Caroline's old house in storage since it was recovered when Elena's parents' car was dragged out of the river after their accident. 

Peter and Matt discuss the day he threw the bell into the river, and Peter tells Matt that his family was the reason they had a town at all. If it hadn't been for the Maxwells settling the area, the Founding Families never would've had anywhere to claim. Throwing the bell into the river was Peter Maxwell's last act of rebellion in Mystic Falls. Matt and his father travel to save the students while Caroline tries to find the bell.

Stefan meets Tara outside the hospital and tells her he gave her a morality test. Damon shows up and tries to stop Stefan from killing the doctor. Damon believes she deserves a second chance, and Stefan reveals that he chose her because of her similarities to Elena. He knows Damon hasn't fully shut himself off and is still clining to Elena's memory.

Dorian gives Matt and Peter new information about the bell. Combined with the tuning fork, and one other missing item, the bell will kill the Sirens. Matt and his father find and untie the students while one of them stands by creepily with a burning pitchfork.

Sybil and Caroline go through her mother's garage to search for the missing items, but it appears Seline has gotten there first during her time as the twins' nanny. Sybil sends a psychic call to the student who sets the pyres on fire while Matt and Peter are busy untying everyone. They rescue the final student just in time. 

Damon and Stefan drive away from the hospital and discuss the ways Damon's trying not to kill people. Stefan wants proof that Damon doesn't care, so Damon throws Elena's necklace out the window and pulls over to kill Tara. 

After saving the kids, Peter tries to convince Matt not to walk away from his family. He's upset that he never knew his family's legacy and blames Peter for leaving without sharing the details of their history with him. Sybil continues throwing a tantrum at Caroline's and when Caroline wants to hurt Sybil, Sybil suggests she put an "off switch" into the twins to ensure her own safety.

The next morning, Damon sneaks back to the roadside where he tossed Elena's necklace into the woods so he can find it. Stefan sneaks into a hospital and practices his self-control on a nurse, losing it in a hospital room just as Damon finds his.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Damon: Clarity over cleverness. That's what I always say.
Stefan: You've literally never said that before.

Damon, I work for the Devil. I don't have to play fair.