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Katherine murders someone who is looking for their uber pool driver. 

Matt is shocked to learn that his mother is back in town, with his father. He attends a dinner with her, but she goes to the toilet and coughs up blood. 

She reveals herself to be Katherine and kills a teenager. 

Damon decides that they need to throw a wedding for Steroline to lure Katherine out of the shadows. 

Damon and Stefan find Katherine's bones and get ready to make a dagger to send her back to hell. 

Caroline and Bonnie chat about Stefan's actions and Bonnie says she can't go to the wedding. 

Enzo appeared to Bonnie and danced with her at the fireplace. He tried to get her to make things right with Stefan because of him being in ripper mode when he killed him. 

Damon and Caroline had a chat and toasted to Liz Forbes. Caroline was upset about not many people going to the wedding, but Damon gave her Elena's locket for the day. 

At the wedding, Kelly aka Katherine waits for Peter outside, but she kills him when she learns he has given the dagger to Stefan. 

Caroline was shocked when Alaric took the twins to the wedding after Valerie put a cloaking spell on them. 

Alaric had to leave because he was jealous. 

Bonnie arrived, dressed up and claimed she was there. 

Kelly got a text from an unknown number, saying, "game on."

Stefan noticed Caroline was wearing Katherine's necklace and told her to keep it on. They said their vows and Damon married them. 

At the reception, Kelly revealed she died two years before and that Katherine was the only one there for her. She revealed she had let gas out around the house. 

Caroline rushed to save Bonnie and the girls, but the house exploded. 

Kelly revealed that Vicki heading to ring the bell because Matt let her out of hell when he rung the bell. Vicki started ringing it, but Kelly and Bonnie died. 

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