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Matt wakes up in the tunnels of the armory with no recollection of how he got there. Dorian realizes he was linked to one of his ancestors who had some dealings with the Bennetts. 

Stefan ran off from the murder scene and was arrested by an officer on the road. 

Damon tried to let Bonnie know he would be there for her, but she did not care and wanted him to leave her alone. Caroline worried about why Bonnie was dodging her calls, but Damon made her understand why. 

Cade told Damon to find the Maxwell journal before midnight, or Stefan's soul would be clawed back to hell. Stefan's finger print linked back to 32 different murders. Caroline showed up and compelled the officer to forget all about it. 

Bonnie's mother showed up to comfort her after Caroline called her. Bonnie hugs her. 

Damon tried to get the journal, but Alaric knocked him out. 

Matt's ancestor has a meeting with Sybil. 

Stefan feels guilty for attacking the realtor, so he goes to find her body. When he finds her, she is alive and stabs him. 

Caroline saves her but Stefan rejects her blood because of the cure. 

In flashbacks, Sybil and Seline tell Ethan to ring the bell 12 times to bring Cade to walk the earth, but B manages to trap Sybil and Seline in the cave, while Ethan is stuck. 

When Matt starts to flatline, he is brought back and tells them the truth is in the journal, but Damon steals it. 

Bonnie's mother realizes that Bonnie has opened a door to hell and Enzo is in there somewhere, so Bonnie is against the idea of giving the earth his body. 

Bonnie's mother burns Enzo's body. 

Damon gave Cade the book and he revealed Stefan was free to live out the rest of his life, before saying that Damon will never get out of the plan. 

Cade burned the book and Damon met up with Stefan, and the two brothers had a chat about making things right. 

Stefan went to visit Bonnie to apologize, but he was kidnapped just before he got to her door. 

Damon visited Alaric and said Sybil had an insurance policy against Cade, but Kai appeared, saying he had a better idea. 

The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Matt: Everything okay?
Alaric: No, it's bad.

Damon: I'll deal with Stefan.
Bonnie: I already did.
Damon: What do you mean?
Bonnie: He's human now.