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Kai revealed that he has a foot on both Cade's hell and Mystic Falls because of Matt ringing the bell. Alaric said he did not want help from him because of all the things he has done. 

When Damon decided to help him, Alaric left and told Damon to stay away. 

Matt went to Caroline to tell her that a lot of Stefan's victims are coming forward because the compulsion has worn off. 

Dorian is revealed to be Stefan's captor. Stefan killed his father and sister when Klaus made him leave town. 

Dorian shoots Stefan when he says he's trying to make up for everything before he goes to hell. 

Damon calls Bonnie, who knows he wants something. This did not sit well with her when she learned Kai was alive. 

She revealed she didn't care and was going to Cade to find out if he know how she could get Enzo back. 

Caroline compelled a police officer to forget he remembered what Stefan did to him. Caroline then flips at Matt for him commenting on everything Stefan has done. 

Dorian cracked and saved Stefan. 

Alaric told Caroline they needed to chat about the kids because their magic was intensifying. 

Bonnie met with Cade, who told her to remember her feelings about the moment Enzo died and she managed to cross over to meet Enzo in the burnt out barn. 

Kai started to die out, but he came to the conclusion he could kill a horrible person on earth to keep his place. He told Damon he would not be meeting Elena if he does not get to stay. 

Bonnie met with Cade who helped her contact Enzo. When she did, Enzo said not to let Cade know where he was, so Bonnie lied that she never saw him. 

Cade followed her and checked her mind, finding out Kai was out in the process. They went to try to find him. 

Stefan bled out, while Dorian wondered what to do. Caroline and paramedics showed up to save the day, as Cade was trying to send Stefan to hell. 

Damon told Kai about Cade on his way to get him. He also said the only way to stay out of hell is atonement and said that Kai needed to bring Elena back to life. 

Stefan told Caroline it was best if he left town alone and moved on because their relationship is not going to work. 

Damon and Kai showed up at the crypt, but Kai revealed there was no redemption for him and stole Elena's casket. 

The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

Alaric: You murdered my wife.
Kai: Fiance. It was mid-ceremony if I remember it.

Kai: Hey, where am I?
Waiter: Mystic Falls... the grill.
Kai: [Laughs] Is it too late to order food?