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Negan is banished from Alexandria because Maggie feels uncomfortable.

Carol takes his stuff to a cabin in the woods where he is ultimately confronted his old self and past.

We get to see flashbacks of his wife Lucille as she learns she has cancer and couple lives through the first days of the apocalypse.

Negan tries to find her treatment to help her through her cancer diagnosis, but he is taken away for six weeks.

He then finds himself back with his wife, but she's killed herself with a message on the door asking him not to leave her that way.

Ultimately, Negan realizes he can't kill the zombie, so he sets the house on fire and takes the baseball bat and becomes Negan.

In the present, he returns to Alexandria and asks Carol to arrange a cart to pick up his belongings.

However, Carol doesn't want his death on her conscience, and he casts a grin at Maggie as she looks on, clearly shocked that he's back.

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