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Carol tell Negan she is not returning yet and that she needs to be alone. 

Negan is forced to go off on his own and is caught by Daryl, who wants to kill him for what he did to Lydia. 

Negan is shocked when Whisperers tell him that they want to follow him, but he kills them to save Daryl, and they return to Alexandria. 

Carol struggles to put the past behind her and is haunted by visions of Alpha, who says she is going to die soon. 

Carol tries to get a boat to escape, but everything falls on her and a walker gets close to killing her, but she pushes through to save herself. 

She returns to Alexandria. 

Things take a turn when Eugene tells everyone he's ready to meet Stephanie and apologizes for his actions. 

Him, Yumiko, and Eugene take off on the mission and find themselves in a dangerous situation with walkers. 

Ezekiel almost dies during a fight because his condition gets the better of him. His horse later dies. 

They arrive in the city centre and find all the people chained up. They later bump into Princess, who seems to be their saving grace. 

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 14 Quotes

Negan: Not to spin a broken record, but I don't think she's coming back. You know, I'm not bullshitting you.
Daryl: I know.
Negan: When I said that I liked it, I wasn't part of the act.
Daryl: Yeah, I know.
Negan: You know, when your people locked me up, I lost everything. Seven years spent staring out that little window. Man, it sucked. It got so bad that even my memories had bars painted on them. So, when Alpha took me in, I admit it, I liked it, it was, it was nice feeling like I mattered again, like I was respected, but she took it too far. You don't kill people that don't deserve it, and you never kill kids.
Daryl: Is that supposed to make me like you?
Negan: No.
Daryl: Good.
Negan: But what about my winning personality?

Oh, my god. Hi.