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Carol screamed when she realized Alpha had led them into a trap. 

Everyone got to work to find an exit, but they realized they were not alone in the cave. 

Magna noted that she wanted to get home to Yumiko to fix their relationship, but things took a dangerous turn when Whisperers arrived on the scene. 

Magna was excellent, dispatching of them in quick succession. They found dynamite and Carol stole it to blow up the horde. 

However, the blast caused a ripple effect throughout the cave, leading to some drama. Jerry held the cave opened to let everyone get out. 

The nearby blast brought whisperers and walkers. Magna and Connie were trapped inside, leading to a dangerous turn of events.

Carol wanted Daryl to blame her but he refused and left her alone. 

Negan told Alpha that Gamma must have been the one to mess with with the horde and spill all about it. 

That was a difficult thing for her to hear, but she later rewarded Negan with sex for helping. 

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 9 Quotes

Aaron: Daryl. Daryl. It would take us a week to clear this.
Daryl: Then help me.
Kelly: We can't. This blast is going to call walkers and whisperers from a 100 miles from here. We don't want our backs pressed against this mountain when they come. We can't save them if we're dead.
Aaron: Come on.

Go ahead and say it to me. I deserve it. You need to say it to me. You were right about everything. Just say it. No, please. You cared about her and now she's gone because of me. Please, just say it. Please, say it. Please.