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Gamma arrives at Alexandria with the aim of finding shelter, but she is bundled into Negan's cell. 

Nobody trusts her. 

Beta arrives in the dead of night through a tunnel Daunte dug up and starts killing everyone in a house. 

He tries to kill Gamma but she escapes and rushes into Judith's house. Rosita, Judith, and RJ are in danger and Gamma gives up her life. 

However, Beta is attacked and runs off. Gamma returns to Alexandria and Rosita tries to befriend her. 

Meanwhile, Daryl tries to get into the cave, but Alpha shows up and slices him on the face and the leg. 

He escapes to a gas station, and Alpha follows, leading a herd of walkers into the settling. 

They both go in and out of conscious and Lydia shows up, intent on finding out what happened. 

Alpha tries to get her mother to see the light, telling her that she should agree to work with the other communities. 

When Alpha wakes up and Lydia is gone, she tells Beta it's time to take down her foes, once and for all. 

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

Alpha wants me alive. Step towards me.


Alpha: Can you see beyond the darkness? Into the light?
Daryl: No.
Alpha: I'm tingling with joy. As I see the ones who brought me, all around us. Standing there, thank you.