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The battle wages on as the Whisperers try to break the Hilltop. 

The settlement was on fire, and things got wilder when Magna arrived on the scene. She told Yumiko that she and Connie escaped the cave with the horde, but got broken up. 

In the aftermath, Hilltop falls, but most escape. 

Gamma saves Kelly, Alden, and the kid by trying to lead the herd away from the car they are hiding in. 

However, Beta shows up and kills her. 

Negan finds Lydia and locks her in a cave and sets out to find Alpha. 

He tells her he has her daughter locked up and Alpha gets excited. Negan tries to get through to her, but her mind is made up and she claims she will be killing her. 

Negan leads Alpha to the door and murders her. He gives her head to Carol, who says "took ya long enough."


The Walking Dead
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