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Alpha and Lydia walk with the dead. Alpha's aim is to toughen Lydia up, but they both start to get overpowered by walkers. 

They find themselves at a hospital, where they encounter Beta. He threatens to kill them, but tells them they can stay the night. 

Beta hums and Alpha does it back to try and build a connection between them. This works. 

They start to chat about their life before the world fell apart, and Alpha says they need to stick together. 

Alpha tries to toughen Lydia up, with mixed results. Lydia goes off on her own at one point before running into Beta's section of the hospital. 

They encounter someone who has been killed and turned into a zombie. Alpha kills him, but Beta snaps and tries to kill her. 

Alpha says they can't have feelings in this world, and that it is too much to have them. 

Beta becomes Alpha's second. 

In the present, Mary kills Frances when it becomes clear that she is not going to forgive Beta for killing her baby. 

Alpha appoints her the third in command, giving her the name Gamma. 

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Alpha: We don't mean harm. Can you talk? Go on, and try to kill us, but know two things: One, I do not die easily. Two, you must also kill my daughter because I will not leave this earth without her.
Beta: One night.
Alpha: Thank you.
Beta: Do not leave this hallway.
Lydia: Do you think I could wash up? Sorry momma, but the smell...
Alpha: Is there water?

Lydia: I'm so sorry, momma.
Alpha: You almost got us killed again.
Lydia: Momma, there's a man.