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Pamela wants to know where Eugene is, and she asks Mercer about it.

Mercer has taken him to hide out and prepare him for the uprising ahead.

Negan and Maggie have a tense encounter in which Maggie tells him they'll never be a "we."

Vickers is watching Mercer like a hawk, reporting everything back to Pamela, and she ultimately chooses to haul Mercer in.

There's a bit of an uprising and the soldiers are unsure who to side with.

A soldier arrives at the door and Eugene hides, but he sneaks out and kills the man and proceeds to kill more.

Judith declares that she's going on this mission because she wants to bring everyone the safe haven her family strived for.

Daryl and Carol are initially against her going on the journey but allow her to.

Everyone boards the train that will take them into the Commonwealth and they prepare for war.

When the train grinds to a halt, the station is eerie, and no one is around.

Daryl realizes that the doors are locked. A group of shooters show up and lay waste to several people -- none of them we know, which is a running theme at this point.

Judith reaches out to save Maggie's life and is caught by a bullet from Pamela. Daryl screams and the mission changes to get Judith help.

Pamela screams that the survivors brought this on themselves.

Pamela learns that the walkers are climbing into the commonwealth, and tells Vickers to contain the lower levels and to keep the richer area safe at all costs.

Vickers is pissed, but she proceeds.

The survivors find themselves blocked in and trying to get Judith to safety. The horde is now inside the Commonwealth and they are filled with variant walkers, eliciting a "what the fuck?" from Negan.

Before we get to that horde, Lydia, Aaron, Luke, Jules, Elijah and Jerry all try to get inside a caravan but things change forever when Lydia tries to save Elijah and her arm is bitten.

Jerry and Aaron save her life by cutting her arm off and then Jerry says goodbye -- for now -- as he rushes into the horde to save the others.


The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 23 Quotes

Mercer: You all right?
Princess: I'm fine. How's Eugene?
Mercer: Safe, for now. Where are you?
Princess: On a train, headed back to you.
Mercer: A train?
Princess: We're bringing people... Prisoners that Hornsby and Pamela disappeared. What are you planning to do?
Mercer: Change things, take Pamela down. Think you'd be okay with that?
Princess: Yeah.
Mercer: If you can get those prisoners back to me, they're witnesses. I'd have legal grounds to remove Pamela.
Princess: The train takes us to a depot a ways out. If we can make our way to the city, can you get us in?
Mercer: Old access tunnel under the west wall. Leads up into Union Station. Industrial building, basement entrance, guarded, but I can meet you there.

Vickers: Governor, come in.
Pamela: Anything yet?
Vickers: No, ma'am. Saw his sister, then reported to the wall. He just pulled additional backup to deal with the horde. Nothing unusual.
Pamela: Where did he take them from?
Vickers: Sector 7... Processing... And Tunnel H. Did you want me to recall any of those troops?
Pamela: No, I'm sure Mercer has his reasons.