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Everyone is embroiled in a dangerous battle for safety.

Maggie's men and women are pushed to the limit as the Reapers kill them one-by-one.

Maggie runs off as everyone is attacked.

The next morning, a knife almost kills her and she runs into a mall.

She realizes the Reapers are in there and has to continue to fight for survival.

Negan comes to her defense when she and Alden are both attacked.

Alden is badly injured and Negan says it might be best to cut him loose in the name of moving forward.

Alden agrees and they take him to an abandoned church where he hides behind the door.

Maggie is upset at working with Negan, but she finds herself in trouble.

At Alexandria, everyone is struggling to survive, and Carol takes matters into her own hands to save everyone.

She kills a horse and takes the meat. She feeds it to the children and they struggle to find a way to eat it.

The Alexandrians are down, but not out. 

They try to save themselves, while Kelly ditches Magna in the name of keeping herself busy and finding Connie.

Will the Reapers find their way there, or will there be more bad stuff on the horizon?

The Walking Dead
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