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All of the characters are in peril as Lance continues his pursuit of everyone.

Daryl and Maggie work with the others, pushing everyone in a devastating situation.

Lance is chasing them, but Negan goes into the Commonwealth to try and help everyone from the inside.

Carol is shocked when the spies come after her and the children.

Negan shows up and they work to find Sebastian.

Pamela wonders whether Yumiko had anything to do with what happened and asks her.

Yumiko says no because she's trying to keep everyone safe, including Pamela.

Pamela slaps Sebastian when he returns home, and Carol blames everything on Lance.

Pamela sets off a lockdown protocol, telling everyone that a herd is on the way to the compound.

People still want Sebastian's head on a stick.

Yumiko tells Magna she'll make sure they can all leave when they get the opportunity.

Magna says there's no way she'll allow her to stay there, and she will be leaving with her and Tomi when the time is right.

The gang manages to catch Lance and Daryl gets the opportunity to kill him, but what will happen next? We need to wait to find out.




The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17 Quotes

Pamela: You've humiliated me. And yourself.
Sebastian: I told you I shouldn't have come here.

Pamela: Would you like one?
Yumiko: It's a little early for me. Thank you. You tear-gassed my friends.
Pamela: If they were there, they were in defiance of lockdown.
Yumiko: And did it help? Did it actually make the troopers' jobs easier outside the walls?
Pamela: It was about what could have happened. It was about safety. It always is.
Yumiko: And you don't care that it makes you look guilty?
Pamela: If you have an accusation, Yumiko, make it.
Yumiko: Look. Can you really sit there and say there is no way your son did the things he was accused of?
Pamela: He's always been something of a renegade, it's true. But his grandfather and uncles were the same way, and they mellowed over time. Became leaders of men. Maybe he's having his youthful rebellions later than most, but he's not a murderer.
Yumiko: Pamela, I am trying to figure out how much you knew. It might be my job to defend you.
Pamela: How can I talk to my lawyer freely when she's also friends with the most prominent journalist around?