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On this week's episode of The Walking Dead…

Rick manages to get Hershel to safety, but his life hangs in the balance.

Lauren prepares for her father to die and Rick tells Glenn to handle it if Hershel becomes a walker.

After meeting the prison inmates, Rick decides to help them clear out another cell block for them to live in.

After one of the inmates, Big Tiny, gets scratched by a walker, Rick tells him that there is nothing they can do. The leader of the inmates bashes the scratched inmate's head in.

The group continues to press on, but as they finish off another set of walkers, the leader attempts to kill Rick.

The leader tries to play it off, but Rick kills him anyway. Another inmate runs off with Rick in pursuit, but after they run into an enclosed section with walkers, Rick closes the doors on him.

Rick lets the remaining two prisoners free to live in another cell block.

Hershel wakes up.

Lori attempts to speak with Rick about their relationship, the baby, etc. He brushes it off before putting his hand on her shoulder and walking away.

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