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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Rick and the survivors continue to get used to Alexandria.

Rick wants to set up a security detail, and Sasha wants to be in the lookout tower.

Sasha is having trouble getting used to the town.

Daryl meets up with Aaron, and the two attempt to wrangle a horse in. Unfortunately, they have to face off with walkers that get the horse.

Daryl tries to go to the dinner party in town, but instead goes to Aaron’s for dinner.

Aaron asks him to be a recruiter, and even reveals a motorcycle he has been fixing up.

Rick and Carol hatch a plan to steal some extra guns in case something bad goes down.

Jessie’s child catches Carol, but she scares him by threatening to feed him to walkers if he tells.

The dinner party is a relative success, with many members of the group getting used to the town. Michonne even hangs up her sword.

Daryl, Rick and Carol discover a walker with a “W” carved into its forehead.

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