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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Aiden, Glenn, Nicholas, Tara, Eugene, and Noah got out on a supply run to help with the power grid.

They find a warehouse that has the parts they need, but they run into walkers.

Aiden is killed.

Tara is injured, but Eugene manages to get her out.

Nicholas runs away, and Noah and Glenn go after him. They are trapped in a revolving door.

Eugene manages to lure some of them away.

As Nicholas tries to get out, the door opens and walkers grab Noah, killing him.

Glenn manages to escape and he knocks out Nicholas trying to take the van.

Sam asks Carol to make cookies but she gets angry. She learns that Pete has been harming Jessie and possibly Sam.

She tells Rick to kill Pete.

Father Gabriel tells Deanna that Rick and the survivors are not to be trusted.

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