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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

The survivors run out of food, water and fuel as they continue their push to D.C.

Daryl, Maggie and Sasha are dealing with the loss of Beth and Tyreese the hardest, but the group is worn and weary from everything they’ve been through.

Gabriel begins to lose his sense of hope.

The group eats a pack of dogs.

A collection of water bottles is left for the group, but Rick and the others refuse to drink it fearing it may be tainted.

A rain storm comes in, which forces the survivors to a cabin. They rest there for the night.

Rick talks about his grandfather and being the walking dead.

A group of walkers try to break in but the survivors hold them out.

As Sasha and Maggie talk about why they keep pushing on, a man named Aaron appears claiming to be a friend and asking to speak with Rick.

The Walking Dead
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