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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Sasha tells Abraham about starting a new post. He has some conflicting feelings.

Jesus tells Rick and the others about his own group and that they have been looking to trade with other groups.

He offers to take them back to his group.

On the way, they discover a car crash involving members of Jesus’ group.

Rick and the others stop and rescue them. One of the rescued turns out to be an obstetrician.

Rick and the group arrive at the Hilltop Colony and meet with Gregory, the so-called leader.

Maggie speaks with Gregory to work out some sort of trade.

Some members of the Hilltop Colony return from a trip and reveal that Negan has one of their men and sends a message.

One of the men stabs Gregory. Rick and the others fight back, and the man is killed.

Gregory is patched up, and Jesus reveals the deal with Negan and his group the Saviors.

Maggie gets a deal for half the colony’s food and Rick and company will rescue the captured man and deal with Negan.

Maggie and Glenn get to see an ultrasound of their baby.

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Confrontation's never been something we've had trouble with.


You need to know things aren't as simple as they might seem.