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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Rick and the walker herders try and head back to Alexandria after hearing the horn.

Some members get killed by walkers.

Rick splits off from the group and gets the RV.

Daryl leaves Sasha and Abraham, hoping to help out. He eventually regroups with them to lead the walker herd.

Glenn, Michonne, Nicholas, Heath, and a few others arrive halfway home in an empty town.

Nicholas and Glenn attempt to set fire to a building to distract a herd. The two get caught in a dead end.

Nicholas shoots himself, and he and Glenn go flying into a horde of walkers. Glenn is presumably killed.

Michonne manages to get Heath and one other character back to Alexandria.

The RV shuts down on Rick and he fights off some members of the Wolves. Walkers are headed straight for him.

The Walking Dead
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