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Tara is found washed up on the shore.
One girl, Cindy, leaves a spear and some water for her, and she lets her live.
Tara follows her back to her community, but she is captured.
The woman try and convince Tara to stay with their group.
Tara reveals where she is from and that her group went and killed a bunch of others in order to stay alive. She wants this group to work with Alexandria.
The leader, Natanya, agrees to send a guide back with Tara to find Heath and see what Alexandria is all about.
Turns out they meant to kill Tara instead of take her back, but Tara manages to get away.
Tara learns from the people that it was just an outpost and that there are more Saviors, and that the Saviors killed all the men of the group. They don't want Tara to lead them back to them. They got away once.
Cindy helps her get away.
Heath tried to help her before she fell off the bridge.
Tara makes it back to Alexandria and learns of Denise's fate.
Rosita asks if Tara needs her to square things up, to make things right.
Tara says she can't because she didn't see anything like that out there.
The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Cindy: Nobody's evil. They just decide to forget who they are.
Tara: Some people are evil, Cindy. I've seen it. That's why I have to get back now.

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