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On this episode of The Walking Dead...
Jesus and Carl head to the Sanctuary, but only Jesus jumps out of the vehicle before going in.
Carl tries to get Negan, but Dwight stops him.
Negan shows Carl around the Sanctuary, including his collection of women and what happens when someone breaks the rules.
Negan also forces Carl to take off his bandage and he makes Carl sing a song for him.
Carl asks why Negan is keeping them alive.
Negan decides to take Carl back to Rick. He chooses to wait until Rick returns home.
Rosita forces Eugene to take her to make a bullet.
Spencer takes a ride with Gabriel and says he hates Rick.
Spencer finds some weapons and items to give to Negan.
Rick and Aaron head out to scavenge and come across a place that might be hard to get items from.
Michonne creates a walker wall in order to take a Savior hostage to take her back to Negan.
The Walking Dead
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