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The beginning of the episode begins with a quick flash forward into the future. Throughout the episode, more and more of these are revealed and show Rick, Michonne, Carl and Judith.

There is a quick flashback the the end of last season to recap Rick's words to Alexandria, the Kingdom and Hilltop with Rick telling everyone that they've already won.

In the present, carl meets up with Rick who he finds scaring off a man looking for supplies. Car later feels bad about the ordeal and brings back canned goods for him.

Daryl secretly meets Dwight at the Savior compound, and presents Daryl with information regarding the Savior lookout positions. One by one, Rick and Daryl are able to discretely take out the Saviors at each outpost, allowing a clear path for their troops.

They eventually make their way to the Saviors compound and intentionally alert Negan to their presence.

Negan has Gregory, who he uses to threaten the Hilltop members to stand down. However, Jesus tells Gregory that the Hilltop stands with Maggie, not him.

Infuriated that the use of Gregory had no influence on getting Rick's people to flee, Simon kicks Gregory down a flight of stairs.

With Negan not thinking Rick would put his peoples lives in danger, calls his bluff, but Rick and the group open fire on the compound as Negan and the other Saviors retreat inside.

They crash a truck that was rigged to blow into the compound, causing an explosion.

Daryl, Carol, Tara and Morgan end up leading an enormous horde of walkers right to the compound, as Rick's group leaves in time.

As they're leaving, Gabriel sees Gregory screaming for help and reluctantly goes to help him. However, Gregory steals Gabriel's vehicle and leaves him for dead.

Gabriel attempts to avoid the walkers as he makes his way into a small building, where Negan is also hiding.



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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

I hope you got your shittin' pants on. Cause you, are about to shit your pants.


Rick: The Hilltop's lucky to have you.
Maggie: You showed me how to be someone worth following.