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The Saviors prepare for their visit to the Hilltop as they all contaminate their weapons with walker guts. Dwight plans on taking a bike and heading out solo, but Simon convinces Dwight to ride with him.

Rick arrives at Hilltop with Michonne as the group plans their next course of action. Daryl apologizes to Rick for his antics at the Sanctuary, to which Rick understands why he did it.

Rick heads off by himself to track down the Saviors. When Rick sees Negan traveling alone, he instead tails the Saviors.

Simon voices his concerns to Dwight over Negan's leadership, but Dwight is hesitant to respond. While passing an alleyway, Simon sees Rick zooming down and heading toward them, however Simon does not alert Negan or the rest of the Saviors, and allowing Rick to t-bone Negan's car.

A car chase ensues between Rick and Negan before the latter is run off the road, flipping his car.

Rick begins to shoot up Negan's car, attracting walkers in the process. Negan escapes and flees to a nearby building where Rick gives chase.

Negan confronts Rick when he realizes he is out of ammo, however Rick catches Negan off guard and cause him to fall through a hole in the floor and into the basement.

Simon tells the group to stay put while he and Dwight head to track down Negan.

Rick continues his pursuit of Negan into the basement where Negan attempts to make a deal with Rick, but Rick finds Lucille and continues to taunt Negan.

When Rick sets on fire, a furious Negan tackles Rick through a boarded up door infested with walkers. The two brawl while simultaneously fending off walkers.

Negan eventually escapes out the window with Lucille, and when Rick follows him he finds that Negan is nowhere to be found.

At the Hilltop, Maggie, Michonne and Rosita cross paths with a well dressed woman named Georgie who offers to give them information regarding the future.

Apprehensive of this new group's true intentions, Maggie decides to take them back to Hilltop.

Maggie decides to take all of their food to help balance out Hilltop's low food reserves. However, Michonne is able to convince Maggie that they might actually be trying to help.

Maggie releases them, but the woman says they may keep the food in exchange for some records as a barter. She provides Maggie with the "key to the future" by presenting her with blue prints to build windmills, silos and other useful facilities to help their community prosper.

She tells Maggie that when she inevitably returns, she expects that her group will have accomplished great things.

In the final moment of the episode, Negan is found unconscious in a car. When he comes to, he finds that he has been taken by Jadis, who knocks him back out.




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Let me save you, Rick.


So, why don't you just slug a beer, put on your best vest and get your ass downstairs, because like I said . . . we got work.