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A year and a half after defeating Negan and the Saviors, the communities have been in the process of rebuilding civilization, and utilizing the book that Georgie had left them.

Rick and the group make a run into the city for supplies and artifacts to aid them in their rebuilding efforts. They explore a museum where they find seeds, farming tools, and a horse carriage.

While attempting to roll the carriage out of the building, its weight causes the glass floor to shatter. With dozens of walkers lurking below, Ezekial barely escapes with his life. Ezekial proposes to Carol, whom he as begun a relationship with. However, Carol tells him she is not ready.

On their way back, Rick and group run into a herd of walkers on the road. With their horses in need of rest and on the verge of being overrun, the group decides to leave the equipment and flee. However, one of the members, Kenny, decides to go back to the carriage to attempt to free the horses, but he is bitten in the process.

The group is able to dispatch the walkers, but Kenny dies from his injuries. Kenny is revealed to be the son of ___ and Earl, the latter of which is a farmer at Hilltop who blame Maggie for their son's death.

Gregory, having lost the election for leader of Hilltop to Maggie, uses the situation to his advantage by getting Earl drunk and influencing him to make attempt on Maggie's life out of revenge.

That night, a heavily intoxicated and influenced Earl nearly strangles Maggie to death, but is saved by Enid. Maggie, knowing who is responsible, confronts Gregory, who attempts to stab her. However, Maggie is able to disarm him.

That night, Maggie imprisons Earl and Gregory is hanged in a public execution.

Rick visits the Sanctuary and finds "Saviors Save Us" written on one of the walls, hinting that not everyone is happy with Rick's way of running things. Daryl warns Rick that the message should be taken seriously.

Daryl and Rick's friendship becomes strained as Daryl doesn't want to lead the Sanctuary anymore, but Rick insists that he needs him there.

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