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Rick and the rest of AHK prepare to leave HIlltop and follow Negan's fake plan to attempt and end the war once and for all.

AT the Sanctuary, Eugene provides Negan and the Sabiors the ammunition that he created for them, much to Negan's approval. Eugene requests that he go with Negan to watch everything unfold. Negan agrees and takes Gabriel with them.

During the ride, Gabriel is able to jump out of the car and chased into the woods. However, Eugene is able to track him down and is apprehended by Negan.

In the end, Rick leads his group right into Negan's trap and has them surrounded.

Negan threatens to execute Gabriel and let Dwight watch them all die and live with that as his punishment for betraying the Saviors.

Negan orders the Saviors to shoot RIck's group, but as soon as they attempt to shoot, the rounds backfire and take the Saviors out. Revealing that Eugene had intentionally sabotaged the ammunition.

Oceanside shows up as well to aid AHK in the battle against the Saviors.

With the Saviors now outnumbered and without any firepower, they are easily overpowered and eventually surrender. Negan however attempts to flee but is chased down by Rick.

The two briefly fight, until Negan gets the upper hand and picks up Lucille with the intent on delivering the killing blow to Rick. However, Rick is able to get Negan to stand down by trying to get through to him about Carl's suggestion on all of them working together.

When it appears that Rick is finally getting through to him and Negan's guard is down, Rick slices Negan's throat with a broken piece of glass.

Rick turns around to find AHK, and the captured Saviors looking on.

Rick tells his people to save Negan, which Maggie is furious about. Rick tells the Saviors that Negan is finished, and that they can do so much more if they all work together and extends the opportunity for them all to do so, which they accept.

With the war with the Saviors over, Morgan decides to leave the group, and goes to visit Jadis. Morgan tells Jadis that Rick invited her to join them at Alexandria, which Jadis accepts.

Jadis goes to leave with Morgan, but Morgan decides that he needs to remain there alone. Before leaving, Jadis reveals that her real name is Anne.

Daryl takes Dwight into the woods. Dwight believes Daryl has the intent of killing him, however Daryl releases Dwight and gives him a vehicle, telling him to never return. Dwight then goes on a search for his wife, Sherry.

Rick and Michonne visit Negan who survived and is recovering from his injuries. Rick and Michonne tell Negan that they are not going to kill him, but imprison him for the rest of his life. His punishment will be to watching the world flourish and get by without him.

At the Hilltop, Maggie, Jesus and Daryl disagree with Rick's decision on letting Negan live and conspire against him.

In the closing moments, Rick reminisces about walking with a young Carl, as he reads a letter he wrote to his son about making his vision a reality.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

We are cleaning house today, Rick!


Negan: Are you sure that's something you want to see?
Eugene: More of a need to thing.
Negan: Well, look at you.