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Jesus, Daryl, and Aaron continue their search for Eugene and come across a huge herd that they watch from the distance. Jesus notes that the walkers are loitering, which is something none of them have ever seen before. The trio decides to leave before the impending storm hits.

Michonne and Siddiq arrive at Hilltop with the new survivors. However, the members of Hilltop show coldness towards Michonne for unknown reasons. Magna, Yumiko, Kelly, Connie, and Luke are welcomed to Hilltop by Tara but advise that they must speak with Jesus before a decision is made on whether or not they can stay there permanently.

Henry takes up his apprenticeship and Alden and Earl teach him about blacksmithing. Henry meets other teens living at Hilltop, Gage, Addie, and Rodney, and they invite him to join them at their secret spot in the woods that night. While hanging out with his new friends, the group drink moonshine and become intoxicated.

Gage and Rodney show Henry a hidden hole in the ground containing a trapped walker which they both taunt and play with. Henry, however, decides to kill the walker and falls in the hole. Infuriated that Henry ruined the fun, Gage, and Rodney leave him behind.

Henry is found by Tara and brought to Earl who chastises Henry for his recklessness. Earl intends to send Henry back to the Kingdom but he pleads for a second chance, which Earl eventually agrees to.

Michonne and Siddiq visit Rosita who wakes up and is told the Aaron, Jesus, and Daryl has gone to search for Eugene. Rosita insists that she needs to help them as they have no idea what they're up against.

At Alexandria, Gabriel has been attempting to reach through to Negan and find some semblance of a human being. However, Negan continues to resist and Gabriel leaves in frustration. Later that night, Negan finds his door unlocked and leaves his cell.

Jesus, Daryl, and Aaron locate Eugene hidden in the barn but are forced to flee when the herd locates them. As the fog rolls in, the group finds it increasingly difficult to escape the walkers. Daryl stays behind and attempts to distract the herd, but he is unsuccessful.

The group make it to a graveyard but end up being cornered and are forced to defend themselves. Michonne and Magna arrive to try and open the gate. Jesus attempts to hold off the herd but ends up mortally wounded by one of the walkers who is revealed to be one of the Whisperers.

Daryl arrives and kills him as more Whisperers show up, but the group easily dispatch them. To the group's horror, they realize the Whisperers are wearing masks and disguising themselves as the dead.

The group finds themselves trapped and surrounded as more voices are heard and more Whisperers closing in on them.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

This little window right here, is as good as a TV and I loved the shit outta TV back when that was a thing.


Jesus: You ever see them do this before?
Aaron: No...never.