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Alpha speaks with Lydia as they walk among the Whisperers. Alpha asks what Lydia said to Hilltop about their group and tries to pry information on what she learned from them. Alpha is reluctant to believe that she doesn't know much.

Henry, having caught up with Lydia, is discovered and taken by Beta, Alpha's right-hand man. Henry is taken to the Whisperer camp which he finds is inhabited by hundreds of members.

At the camp, two of the Whisperer members confront Alpha about her leadership and that going to Hilltop put them in jeopardy. Due to their insubordination, Alpha proceeds to kill them both and set an example to the rest to not question her leadership.

That night, Beta speaks to Alpha and expresses his concern that Lydia's stay at Hilltop may have put her loyalty into question. Alpha tests this theory by giving Lydia knife and giving her an ultimatum: kill Henry to prove her loyalty, or Beta kills them both.

Just before the situation can escalate, a herd of walkers appears out of the woods, having been led to the camp by Daryl, and the Whisperers are attacked.

With the group distracted by the mayhem, Daryl and Connie sneak into camp wearing Whisperer masks and rescue Henry and flee with Lydia in tow.

At Alexandria, Gabriel questions his relationship with Rosita, after learning that the baby is, in fact, Siddiq's.

Eugene meets with Gabriel and tells him that he has a great thing going with Rosita and that he must not screw it up. Later on, Rosita, Gabriel, and Siddiq meet to discuss how to move on.

Michonne meets with Alexandria's council who plead to offer help to the Kingdom's fair in order to help reunite the communities. But Michonne nixes the idea that it's too risky.

She later visits Negan to learn why he returned after his escape. Negan is eager to build trust and offers that he can be much more valuable to the communities other than just a symbol, but Michonne shoots him down.

After catching Judith listening in, Michonne confronts her and tells her not to speak with Negan ever again. Michonne explains that Negan is a monster and that people don't change, but Judith retorts that Michonne herself changed.

Judith's remark forces Michonne to reevaluate her conscience and eventually has a change of heart and decides to assist the Kingdom with the fair.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Siddiq: I know that you just want what's best for us. But what does it mean for Alexandria to survive if means that the Kingdom falls?
Michonne: It means Alexandria Survives.

Eyes open. Where there's one, there's more.