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Michonne's day to day life is shown which includes making Judith breakfast, planting in the garden, and settling disputes among workers. It is revealed that Michonne is having difficulty adjusting to her new role away from fighting, and finds herself heading out in the middle of the night to kill walkers just to be able to sleep.

Michonne visits Negan after she hears that he refuses to eat. Negan tells her that he'll eat if she sits and talks with him. After Negan probes, Michone leaves upset when she learns her similarities to Negan but later returns. Negan tells Michonne about his late wife who passed from cancer, and in return, Michonne speaks about her son.

Negan keeps his word and eats, but asks to see Lucille. Michonne says they don't have his bat and it was left where Rick and Negan had their final confrontation. After Michonne leaves, Negan becomes enraged.

At Hilltop, Maggie packs a bag as she plans to make a visit to Alexandria to kill Negan. Jesus attempts to talk to her about making a mistake by doing something she may regret.

Rick speaks with Eugene about the sudden surge in the river that damaged the levy and has put the stability of the bridge in jeopardy. Eugene also notes that they have been tracking two separate herds but appear to be moving away from camp.

Rick catches wind of Maggie's plan to see Negan and radio's to Alexandria to stall Maggie until he arrives. Daryl offers to give Rick a ride to Alexandria on his bike. When Rick notices that Daryl is heading in the wrong direction, Daryl stops and tells Rick that the message never made it to Alexandria.

The two get into an altercation and fall into a pit. After a heart to heart, Daryl tries to tell Rick that the future he's trying to build of everyone working together isn't attainable and needs to let Carl go.

Jed and some other Saviors learn that Oceanside was behind the killings and attempt to retaliate, but Carol steps in. The gunfire attracts the two herds.

With Rick and Daryl having a new understanding of one another they are able to help each other out of the pit before it fills up with walkers.

Rick tells Daryl to head back to camp to help the others while Rick goes off by himself to lead the herds away. Rick ends up getting cornered by the two herds as they are about to merge, which frightens his horse and throws him off. Rick gets impaled on his side by a piece of rebar and is knocked conscience as the two herds close in on him.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Rick: You know what keeping Negan alive means for us.
Daryl: I know what killing him means for her.

Negan deserved to die when it ended. Rick was wrong because he made a call that wasn't his to make. I just want to make sure that you're not wrong in the same way that he was.