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Walkers are found feasting on Justin's corpse. After they move on, Justin reanimates.

Rick talks with Michonne about taking Judith to see Siddiq, who has fallen ill. They plan to make it a fun family day and Rick and Michonne discuss having a baby to continue building a future in a different way.

With Judith feeling a little under the weather, Rick and Michonne take her to see Siddiq, but they make a fun family day and spend time together.

Maggie and Cal attempt to deliver tomatoes to one of the communities, but are ambushed by a few Saviors led by Jed, thinking that Maggie has something to do with the Savior attacks. Maggie denies knowing anything and they continue on their way.

Further down the road, Maggie and Cal find Justin wandering around as a walker.

News spreads quickly of the Saviors being killed and stirs up an argument at camp between the Saviors and the rest of the groups. The Saviors want weapons to defend themselves, but everyone decides it's too risky.

Before things can escalate, Rick and Daryl intervene.

Rick begins to question those around him who might be involved, including Daryl and Anne. Both of them deny the allegations, however.

Rick has everyone set up patrol groups to search for anything suspicious. Oceanside leader Cyndie is paired up with Maggie, and they come across an abandoned house where Cyndie reveals is where Oceanside members lived previously.

They clear out the house full of walkers but shortly after find that Oceanside member, Beatrice, has been knocked out and her Savior partner, Arat, missing.

Fearful that once more killed Savior will make the Sanctuary members walk, Rick puts together search parties to find Arat before she's killed.

In the woods, Carol is attacked by Jed and held at knifepoint just as Rick arrives. Rick attempts to plead with Jed, but just as Rick seemingly surrenders, Carol stabs Jed and is taken into custody.

Anne finds her way back to the garbage dump and contacts someone on a hidden radio who speaks with her about fulfilling their "deal." Gabriel shows up, having followed her, and asks what she is doing.

Anne pleads with Gabriel to leave with her, but she cannot tell anyone. When Gabriel declines and threatens to tell Rick, Anne knocks him unconscious.

Daryl and Maggie find a dead walker with an arrow through its head. Daryl realizes that the same wound matches the killed Saviors, and discovers that Beatrice and Cyndie from Oceanside have been the ones killing the Saviors.

Daryl and Maggie find Arat about to be killed by Beatrice and Cyndie at the house from earlier, but try to talk them out of it. Cyndie and Beatrice reveal that they were killing only the Saviors that killed their families, and that Arat is the last one and plead to let them finish it.

Arat is pressed by Maggie to reveal what she said before she killed Cyndie's 11-year-old brother. Arat says she said "no exceptions." Maggie and Daryl are instantly reminded of those same words Negan uttered before killing Glenn and decide to turn their backs and allow Arat to die.

Maggie tells Darryl that it's time they see Negan.

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