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William met Randall's mother on the bus he took every day. William wrote poetry or music. The longer he knew her, the worse his handwriting got, the worse he dressed, the less he looked. They were smashed all the time. The last time we see him on the bus, he is crying, an infant on his lap as he passes by a fire staton.

Randall and Beth figure out how they'll deal with Rebecca and her husband Miguel.

While Kate and Toby are talking about their day, Kevin walks in talking about "their" move to New York. Of course she's going. He can't do this without her!

Rebecca wants to know what Randall has figured out about William and then to meet him. It turns out she saw him in the parking lot the day she left the hospital. She called out to him, but he jumped on the bus instead.

The new parents struggle with three babies. It's more than they imagined. Randall, in particular, won't take Rebecca's breast and she thinks he feels like a stranger. She tries to tell Jack she saw William.

Now we learn Rebecca and William had a deal in the past. One that meant he stayed away. Now, she warns him. Randall will try everything to save him. He'll put him before his kids, his job, his wife, his life. He better be worth it.

Instead of being normal, William walks out before and down the road before Rebecca and Miguel even have a chance to leave the house, proving he's still not parental material.

Toby shows up at Kate's in a limo, red carpet rolled out for her. One day she is the star. Jack goes to see Dr. K. for advice on Rebecca. His advice is to let her grieve as she must and to use his time there to nap.

Toby takes Kate to an old folks' home to sing.

Kevin calls Kate requiring her immediate assistance. Toby doesn't want to play second banana to Kevin. She says he has to, everyone has to.

Kyle is Randall's original name. The deal is Randall will have William's blood and his blanket. She notes she's not bonding with him. William suggests giving him his own name. She wonders what poet he was reading to his mother when they were together. Dudley Randall.

Randall is crying, upset because of how little time he will be able to have with his father.

When Kevin realizes Kate drops everything, even a romantic moment, to answer his calls, he fires her.

Kate invites Toby over and apologizes with a condom. At the same time, Kevin is on his way to the airport. He booked the red eye to New York. If he doesn't just do it, he'll be talked out of it.

Jabecca are having a hard time adjusting to the loss of Kyle, so they decide to give him a new name. She pulls out the book of poetry.

Randall and William talk about how William met Randall's mother.

When Kevin's plane touches down in NY, Kate is jolted awake. He's OK.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Jack: I was a complete stranger and look how quickly I took to your breast.
Rebecca: You're an idiot.

Doctor K: This is the scariest part. Some people think the scariest part is coming to the hospital to have a baby. The scariest part is leaving the hospital with the baby.
Rebecca: The babies.
Doctor K: Babies.

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