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LIttle Kevin can't sleep because he misses his mobile with the sheep. 

Adult Kevin doesn't like the ending of the project he's working on. He apologizes and starts talking about his date. The director walks off with him. A PA wonders should he give Kevin his phone since Sophie keeps calling. 

The PA gives Kevin the phone. He finds out that Sophie's mom died.

College age Kevin goes to see Claire after the fight with Jack. Claire tells him there are better things ahead. Sophie takes Kevin out to the woods.

Adult Kevin is sorry about Claire. Sophie says her fiance has been great with the logistical stuff  but...  Kevin tells her a joke and how sorry he is.

College age Kevin doesn't want to go into Rebecca's house for her birthday. She thinks it'll be weird.

Kate is fighting with Marc on the phone when Kevin and Sophie come in.  We get a replay of that scenewhere Kate runs off to her room and Rebecca talks about Randall's underwear, but fails to discuss his bad dreams.

Rebecca has to get ready to go to work. Kevin says he was on Days of Our Lives. Rebecca is disappointed that she missed it.  She has to run off to work.

Meanwhile, Claire saw Kevin's appearance and tells him to go back and get a line next time.

Int he present, Kevin goes to the airport. While in a car he remembers playing on the swings with Sophie an eating donuts with her.  He remembers the campfire party. Sophie and Kevin agree the party sucks and that they love each other.

In the present, he gets Randall's text and calls him. We have a replay of Randall and Kevin's conversation where Randall says someone broke into his house.

At the church, Kevin comes in and sits in the back. He remembers Claire giving them alcohol and proposing a toast to the future star.  Sophie is upset that Claire spent money they need to fix the pipes on a vacation for the two of them. She leaves and Kevin asks Claire for her mother's ring for Sophie.

Sophie's eulogy is about how her mom was impossible and couldn't sit still. She never settled, not even after she got MS. She loved a coffee shop near where Sophie lived. She was there when she got the news. She was being rude to a clerk. She wishes she could go back to the moment when her mom was still alive. She begins to cry. She can never go back to that coffee shop again.

Kevin gets up. He sees Sophie with the fiance and leaves.

Jack still can't find the mobile. He goes to wake up Rebecca, who says she gave the mobile away.

Kevin remembers kissing Sophie. He stands outside making a call.

Claire tells Kevin that that ring has a story. She says her parents fell in love while going through divorces. Her father was drafted and her mother wouldn't take the ring before he left. He took the ring to Korea and looked at it when he felt hopeless. He came back and they were married 50 years. Claire said Kevin's success would take him lots of places. She oculdn't give him the ring because his marriage was too new and he and Sophie were too young.

Adult Kevin calls Sophie. She can't believe he came. Kevin tells her he is on the front lawn. He has donuts and wasn't sure he should come in. She says that's not a good idea. She comes out and tells him to get her out of there.

Kevin asks Sophie if there's anywhere she wants to go. She isn't sure. 

College age Kevin and Sophie watch Good Will Hunting but the movie cuts out before the end because of technical difficulties. evin and Sophie go to get something from the concession stand.

Sophie is wearing an engagement ring. She says it's not her grandmother's. She says Grant never got to know her mother. She locked in on Kevin at the funeral when she was upset. He says they have a history of getting each other through funerals. She says something about someone becoming an ice fisherman in Alaska They go to the woods. He says he tried to forget this spot. They discuss how they didn't see the end of the movie. They kiss.

Kevin says he didn't think he could come back here. He wanted to run away but later he remembered the good parts about this town. He promises she will be able to go back to that coffee shop. Sophie asks if he ever watched the end of the movie. He didn't. 

They watch the end of the movie on a laptop. Sophie says it was better than they could possibly imagine. But it's time for her to go home.

Kevin takes Sophie home. She asks him to wait a minute. She found a photo Kevin autographed for Claire. She says Claire was his biggest fan and goes.

Kevin goes to Claire's grave. He tells her he made it as an actor but messed things up with Sophie. He says he's ready now. He's sober and steady and wished he had another chance to earn that ring. He puts the photo at her gravesite and says goodbye. He decides it's too weird to leave the photo there and takes it back.

Kevin calls Kate and leaves a message. He wants to come over when he lands. He does and finds only Madison is there. She seems upset. Another guy just broke up with her. Kevin says he's never been broken up with before.  HE suggests Madison think of herself as the person who is willing to stay and fight.

Jack tells Kevin the sheep are gone.

There is a replay of Randall calling Kevin and telling him he's not doing well.

Sophie opens a box and finds her grandmother's ring.

Kevin wants to get out of town. So does Randall. He suggests he and Randall go to the cabin. Randall suggests they invite Kate.

Rebecca tells KEvin that she and Kate had a fight and Kate went to the cabin with Marc but she thinks Kate is in trouble.

Adult Kevin calls Kate who says her marriage is about to implode. Kevin suggests they add Randall to the call.

Jack is asleep on the couch. Little Kate comes in and says there's a problem.

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