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The last day of summer, Rebecca wants to take the kids to the pool. Jack says they're in seventh grade and won't want to spend time with them. It turns out he's right, leaving Rebecca to remember when they were little and couldn't wait to go.

In the present, Randall wants to have a family fun day at the end of summer but Deja wants to ride the bus with him and Tess wants a haircut. Annie doesn't care what they do.

Kevin talks at his group about how hard things have been for him.

Kate has found a specialist on Yelp to help them learn how to deal with a blind kid. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Miguel meet Kevin, who is going to Kate and Toby's. They think he should forget Nicky and focus on himself.

At the pool, Kevin won't let Rebecca put sunscreen on him and all the kids find friends to hang with, though Rebecca is worried that the girls who are hanging with Kate are mean girls who don't really like her.

On the bus, some guy sits with Deja and Randall freaks out and won't let her take the bus to school. Meanwhile, Beth disapproves of Tess' choice of haircut.

At Toby and Kate's, Toby admits he's worried about Kate.

At the pool, Randall's friends are more impressed with Kevin's ability to rap than Randall's and call Randall an Oreo. Rebecca calls Kate over and asks if she has hung out with these girls before. Kate tells her to go away.

Beth and Randall talk. Beth is worried about the haircut. Randall is worried about the bus and how he handled it. Tess comes out. Her hair is beautiful.

Randall and Kevin get in a fight but say nothing's going on when Jack breaks it up. Jack leaves and Randall accuses Kevin of embarrassing him on purpose.

In the present, Kevin looks at the messages he sent Nicky and gets a call from the agency. The movie wants to meet with him but he'd have to get on a flight tonight.

The specialist says they want to make sure there are no hanging cords. Kate says they got a great TV so Jack could watch the Steelers. She realizes what she just said and is upset. Rebecca and Toby say she can narrate. Kate is crying and wants to be alone.

At the pool, Randall reads. Kevin stares at him from the pool, looking guilty.

In the present, Kevin checks on baby Jack, who cries when he picks him up. He puts him back down.

at the pool, Kevin asks Jack if he's a good person.

In the present, Kevin talks to the baby. He's 187 days old, which he knows because he is 187 days sober, which seems like an eternity when you're trying not to drink. 

Jack says of course Kevin is a good person. Kevin says he does so many bad things. Jack tells him that they come from a long line who have mixed up stuff inside them.

In the present Kevin thinks he should take the movie. It'll keep him sober and it's easier because the director tells him what to do.

Jack tells Kevin that having people you care about and want to take care of turns you into the man you want to be. Kevin thanks him and goes

In the present, Kate comes in and says she heard everything over the monitor. Kevin asks if she is okay. Kate says the doctors warned her not to have a baby. She knew about the risks and did it anyway. She blames herself and wants to wallow in it. Kevin asks why the baby cries when he picks him up. He doesn't think the baby likes him. Kate says you have to warn him first because he can't see, you have to talk to him first. She demonstrates, picking him up and telling him she's giving him to Kevin.

The girls encourage Kate to go meet some guy behind the snack shack to kiss him. She finds Stewart back there and the girls laugh. Stewart is really into her but says they can just stand there for a minute. Kate decides to kiss him.

In the present, Kate asks Kevin about the movie. He doesn't want to take it. He wants to stay here.  Kate encourages him to go to Chicago.

In the living room, Kate says Jack can't see but he can feel and she doesn't want him to sense worry all the time. She wants him to feel hope. She says he is going to live a life without limits. Toby agrees. Rebecca says of course. Kevin interrupts that Jack needs his diaper changed.

The girls don't want to do Family Fun Day. Randall says the girls are getting older so they have to talk about the worst case scenario from this move. Deja worries that Randall will lock her in her room like Rapunzel.  Randall's WCS is Deja forgetting to text him when she gets to school. Beth's is that she tries to control the girls' personalities. Tess doesn't have one. Annie worries her friends back home will forget her, then says she's joking. They all run up the steps.

In the past, Rebecca gives Jack nachos. She says she is eating her worries about Kate. Jack tells her what Kevin said. He has no idea if Kevin felt better after whatever it is he said. He asks Rebecca if she remembers when the biggest problem was getting the kids to put their floaties on.

Randall reads while Kevin talks to Randall's friend.

In the present, Kevin goes to the airport. Tess looks at herself in the mirror and puts a cap over her hair, worried. Deja smiles to herself as she texts Malik.

In the past, Randall comes up to his parents.

In the present, Toby goes to the grocery store, leaving Kate and the dog (or so he says. He's really going to the gym.)

Kate tends to baby Jack.

In the past, Kate comes back and says hanging with her friends is good.

In the present, Kevin gets out of the taxi with his plant and pays the taxi driver. He knocks on a door. It's Nicky's house. He gives Nicky the plant

.Jack asks if the kids had a good end of summer pool day. Rebecca remembers when they were little.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I am in way over my head with my sister and her son. He was premature and we just found out he was blind. I go to all his doctor's appointments but I don't know what to say.


Jack: Next week, those pre-pubescent monsters are not longer our problem between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM.
[Jack and Rebecca high five]
Rebecca: I hated that high five. Hey, can we do something fun? I feel like we haven't seen the kids all summer.
Jack: That's because they're going into seventh grade. They don't want anything to do with us.