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In the past, Jack is painting a banner. Miguel comes in with groceries. Jack is freaking out about making a sign perfect for his proposal to Rebecca.

Kevin's proposal is national news. Nicky comes out and tells a story about how he was never invited to a wedding but once crashed one. Anyway, Kevin and Madison are having a small wedding. The only person in Madison's wedding party will be Kate. Kevin has not talked to Randall yet. Nicky has choice words about Miguel but wants to help with the rehearsal dinner.

Beth is nervous about Alex coming over. She is practicing using Alex's correct pronouns. Carol says you can count on her for help.

Toby learns about the wedding in the news. Kate is nervous about her first day of work.

Jack puts up the banner. Miguel has made candy apples. Jack says he doesn't need to practice the proposal. Miguel says you can't just propose to someone like Rebecca without practicing. He insists Jack take out the ring, get down on one knee etc. Jack talks about how their first date was a disaster. Miguel doesn't think he needs that. Jack talks about how when Rebecca kissed him he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He realizes he forgot the umbrella. He manages to get the ring stuck on Miguel's finger.

Meanwhile, Nicky meets Miguel and makes snarky comments under his breath.

Kate meets her co-worker Philip who is super early. She rambles about how she is so excited to have this job.

Alex comes over. Beth is not happy that Tess grabs the food to take upstairs.

Randall joins a group for trans-racial adoptees in the park. Another new guy talks about being depressed after his bar mitzvah because he didn't look like the people in the congregation. Randall remembers Jack helping with a tie when he was little. Everyone talks about their experiences. Randall chooses not to share anything.

Jack tries to grease the ring. There is a knock on the door. It's Rebecca's father.

Miguel wants to give a toast after the cocktail hour. Nicky says they're co-hosting. Miguel says Nicky is not paying, then apologizes. He says that Nicky has been shooting down all his ideas. Nicky says Miguel wore down REbecca to get her to marry him. Keivn tries to intervene. Miguel says no let's get this out in the open. Nicky is jealous that Jack replaced him with Miguel. Miguel says that he married Rebecca 13 years after Jack died and he wonders every day what Jack would think.

Madison talks to Toby. She isn't happy with Kevin's choice of wedding venue but isn't sure how to tell him. Toby says he's having a harder time being a stay-at-home dad than he is letting on. Madison thinks he should talk to Kate. Toby thinks she should talk to Kevin.

Kate calls but Toby doesn't realize. She leaves a voicemail. Her new co-worker isn't happy that she's not focused on work. Kate gets emotional about a photo of him with the kids. Philip wonders did something happen. Kate hasn't been away from them for that long. Philip feels a need to tell her that she wasn't his first choice for the job. If she can't be present for his students this isn't going to work.

Beth worries about it being quiet up there. Deja comes down looking for Tess and Alex and wants to know why they're allowed to have the door closed and she and Malik aren't. Beth says that's not allowed, she thinks anyway. She didn't think about this. She's gonna go upstairs. Carol tells her to tread lightly.

Beth walks in on Tess and Alex kissing. She wants them downstairs. Tess calls her a psycho. Beth wants to send Alex home. Tess is mad. Alex goes.

Jack introduces Dave to Miguel. They tell him about the ring. Dave says he was gathering his thoughts. He says they both know Rebecca's made up her mind about Jack so he would do the best he could to be civil and tolerate this marriage. Miguel tells him that's not good enough. He says that Rebecca was lucky to meet Jack. He says that he and Jack met when Jack was desperate to get a jacket for Dave's club. Everything in Jack's life was about Rebecca. Dave seems to be impressed and says he knows how to get the ring off with dental floss.

A woman talks about imagining Rita Moreno was her mom. When she met her birth mom she had nothing in common with her and her mom didn't speak English. She wishes she'd never been adopted. She told her adopted family. She'd choose to stay with her birth mom. Now her adopted family won't talk to her.

Kate watches a girl sing. Philip is rude to the girl for not going fast enough. Kate interrupts to tell her the story behind the song and encourages her to express all the emotions. The girl does the song well.

Beth talks to Carol. She thought she'd accepted Tess' sexual orientation. But now she wishes she had her dream of Tess talking to her about boys. Carol explains she has to adjust to what is instead of what she wanted. She hopes Beth will adjust more quickly than she did.  Beth puts her head on Carol's shoulder.

The twins are finally asleep. Kevin and Madison talk about nursery rhymes. Madison tells him she doesn't want to get married at the Villas. Kevin is surprised.  Madison tells him how her dad travelled all the time for business. WHen her mom put her foot down her father took them to Japan and to a beautiful garden. It was a perfect day. But a few weeks later they got divorced. She has been chasing the happiness she felt in that garden ever since.  So, there's a garden she wants to get married in. It is COVID-safe and has the same trees and flowers. Kevin says yes to the idea right away.

Beth comes in to see Tess.  She tells her not to call her names in front of anyone. That's not the way they do things. But she should be able to tell her how she makes her feel. She says any look on her face has nothing to do with Tess. She wonders if Tess has anything else she wants to say to her. Tess says she knows she's trying but she doesn't have to try with Annie or Deja and it makes her sad. Beth says they will always be close.

Kate tells Toby excitedly about her day. Toby tries to be supportive but Kate notices something is off. Toby says he's just tired but he has great photos from today.

Nicky calls Miguel. He apologizes for the way he talked to Miguel before. Miguel thanks him. Nicky says sorry to bother you. Miguel says Jack never replaced Nicky.

In the past, Miguel says all is done here. Jack asks Miguel to be his best man.

Miguel tells Nicky Jack couldn't say he was his best man because he was saving it for Nicky. He invites Nicky to do a toast with him. Nicky doesn't want to.

Kevin starts writing Randall an email. Then calls him. Randall saw the news in the tabloids. Kevin asks him to be his best man. Randall says he'd be honored. Kevin says he's been putting this off. He doesn't want there to be anything between them. Randall doesn't think this is a good time for this either. Kevin agrees. He wonders can he come see Randall to talk in person after they all get their vaccines? Randall says that's cool. He seems shocked. He hangs up and looks at the photo on US Magazine.

We see Zoey and Sophie reading the magazine.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

I was never invited to a wedding. Crashed one once though.


Jack: I need this to be perfect.
Miguel: Jack. You're recreating every moment of your first date with Rebecca. It's the kind of grand romantic gesture that makes other guys hate you.