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There is a scene with a Black couple and a little Randall.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is away with Kate, and Randall and Kevin are watching Mr. Rogers. Jack tells them that Mr. Rogers is filmed right here in Pittsburgh and he wants to take them to go see him in person.

Beth is taking the girls ice skating to be out of Randall's way. She doesn't think anything can be worse than what Randall and Kevin said to each other. Randall thinks it can be worse.

Randall goes to see Kevin in LA. Kevin wants to party. Randall wants to study and do Model UN. Kevin wants them to "own LA." Kevin wants to drink.

Adult Randall opens the door to Kevin.  Kevin asks him about his flight. They talk about Suduko. Kevin keeps checking his phone because he is expecting a call from Robert DeNiro.

Jack takes the boys to Mr. Rogers's studio. A worker doesn't realize that Randall is Jack's son because he is Black.

College aged Randall and Jack drink together. Randall wants to actually go out. Kevin has fake IDs for them. Randall is drunk and laughs at the artwork on Kevin's wall. Randall's ID doesn't look like him but Kevin says the picture is of a Black guy so it'll work out.

In the present, Kevin says he's not blind and he knows that it was hard for Randall growing up as the only Black kid in his school. He's b een thinking a lot about high school. He remembers the way Randallwas treated by the father of his prom date. Kevin wishes he would have done something to protect him. He is sorry if Randall felt alone and especially if he played any part in making him feel that way. He wanted to look him in the eye and say it.

Randall thanks him.  Kevin says he is really sorry. Randall says he appreciates it. Kevin doesn't feel it. Randall says it's a beautiful monologue. Kevin doesn't understand. Randall is annoyed but doesn't know what he wants. He goes to get some air. Kevin follows him outside.

Randall wants space. Kevin says he's been giving him space for ages. Randall thinks Kevin isn't taking responsibility. Their argument is interrupted by Kevin's phone ringing -- it's inside and they're locked out.

Randall and Kevin argue over seats at Mr. Rogers' studio.

Kevin rants about how Deniro will be pissed. He wants to break a window. Randall says no. Kevin says you weren't planning on accepting my apology anyway. Randall says you just want the perception of doing the right thing. Kevin says he wanted to do the right thing even though Randall was the golden child. Randall never wanted to be special. He just wanted to blend in. He accuses Kevin of having racial blind spots. They argue. Randall walks away and says he's getting them in the house.

College age Kevin keeps bothering the cab driver. Randall is irritated and wants to go to his hotel. Kevin says they're going to the club. Randall doesn't want to. Kevin said he had to drink to brace himself for a night with Randall. They start fighting and the cab driver kicks them out of his cab. They get ready to fight with each other on the side of the road.

After Mr. Rogers' show, Kevin wants to go to the playground and starts running aro und. Randall  goes onto the  Neighborhood of Make Beliee set

College age Kevin and Randall fight. Kevin is mad that Randall hit him in the face. Kevin has lost his keys.

Adult Kevin follows Randall, who says his neighbor has a spare key. The woman recognizes Kevin as The Manny. Randall interrupts her monologue about the guys having great parents to ask for the key. The woman goes into her house and Randall and Kevin argue some more. Randall says Kevin said racist things to him and wants Kevin to say that he resented that Randall was black. Kevin says it was all about envy and not a race issue. The woman comes back with the key.

Randall asks Kevin did he ever think that Randall being left at the fire station meant he lost his birth parents? Kevin says he thinks Randall is ungrateful.

Randall talks to Daniel Striped Tiger. He tells Daniel that he has his own imaginary parents. Jack has found Kevin and calls to Randall to go.

College age Kevin has found his keys in his pocket. Kevin admits he was being a dick. Randall says KEvin was being rude to the Black cab driver. K Kevin insists he's just rude to all cab drivers regardless of color. Randall finds that racist but lets it go. Kevin says the truth is his career is going nowhere and Randall has everything. Randall doesn't see it that way.

Randall and Kevin come inside.  Kevin asks if Randall wishes he was never adopted. Randall says it's not that simple. Kevin says when Randall found William he realized Randall wanted something different.  He says they see their childhoods differently. Randall says he thinks it was cool that Kevin used to paint. He wants to paint him a picture. He tells Kevin about the "ghost kingdom" idea. He says he imagined the librarian and the meteorologist on TV were his birth parents. These were the only Black adults he knew. He felt he was doing something bad as a kid imagining this. He felt too guilty to escape into his fantasy because he loved his adoptive family.  Kevin is sorry he didn't see those things growing up and still doesn't see. But Randall is his brother and he loves him. Randall says Dad didn't die ashamed of you. I said it because it was a cheap shot. They hug

Littel Randall and Kevin are watching TV and Jack brings them sandwiches. No one tell Mom that we had PB&J for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Randall watches the meteorologist.

College age Randall says Kevin's painting looks kind of like a Jackson Pollack painting.

Kevin talks to Robert De Niro. He says De Niro is great.. Kevin asks if Randall still thinks about the ghost kingdom. Randall has held onto his, still goes there in his dreams occasionally. Even after finding William and Laurel, he can't replace the weatherman and the librarian.

Kevin admits that he did resent Randall for being Black as well as for being super successful.

Beth comes home with the girls.

Later Randall dreams that Laurel and William are raising him and playing music at dinner time.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Kevin: Listen I don't want to beat around the bush.
Randall: Water?
Kevin: I'm fine. Look, I feel like it would be easy for us to fall into catching up and get back into our rhythm without really talking. And I can't let that happen. Randall, there are some things I have to say to you.
Randall: Right. So here we go.

Beth: I wasn't finished.
Randall: What?
Beth: You know I like to drink the milk out of the cereal.
Randall: Sorry.
Beth: Randall, I know that Kevin's visit has you on edge, but let's not let the sweet, sweet milk suffer for it.