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An exhausted Jack and Rebecca decide they are going to let Kevin cry it out to get on a sleep schedule. But when Kevin cries Jack gets up right away.

Middle school Kevin wants to eat 50 eggs per week to bulk up for football. Rebecca asks if he's okay. He says he was up late and got up early. Randall suggests rainbow flash cards. Kevin calls him a dork. (Their adverserial relationship was apparent even then).

In the present, Kevin meets a fellow actress and his director. The director is more interested in Ava, Kevin's co-star.  Kevin tries to interject that he also is excited about doing the film. The director doesn't like him calling it a movie. 

Toby is nervous about signing birth plan papers. Kate is going to an appointment with Ellie. She reveals she wants to name the baby Chloe. 

Annie wants a haircut and says so in a formal way, apparently because she's been watching LIttle Women. Randall is excited that Malik is shadowing him today. Deja isn't so excited. Malik comes in. He seems nervous, says he's excited. Deja tells him not to talk about them, her, or him.

Jack and Rebecca close the kids' rooms. They whisper about the kids being asleep. Of course someone cries as soon as they walk away. Jack thinks they need to give Kevin a chance to calm himself down.

Middle school Kevin doesn't seem happy after practice. Co ach tells Jack Kevin hasn't got the playbook down.. He thinks Kevin needs to put more work in so he can recommend him for football camp. 

Adult Kevin runs lines with Ava. The director stops and praises Ava while giving Kevin no feedback whatsoever. They do the scene again. Then the director tells Kevin to take it back a couple lines.  Kevin complains that he'd like some specific feedback. The director wishes he didn't have to interrupt.

Malik is falling asleep as Randall takes a meeting. (Everyone is in masks). Malik lets slip that Deja watches Randall's livestream every day. Randall offers for Malik to cover the bulletin, make sure the livestream starts and ends on time.

Kate suggests lunch after the ultrasound. Ellie agrees. The baby has a strong heartbeat. Ellie is upset when Kate refers to the baby as Chloe.

Rebecca and Jack try to get Kevin to sleep. Rebecca is freaking out. She doesn't want to hear what Miguel and Shelly think. 

Middle school Kevin comes home. Jack wants to push him harder. Kevin wants to take the night off and says he's quitting. Jack says you don't just quit the second things get tough. Kevin says he's tired and walks off. Rebecca thinks Kevin is miserable and she wants to tell him he doesn't have to play anymore if he doesn't want to.

Malik sets up the livestream. Deja is watching. Malik gets a call from his mom about the baby. Meanwhile Randall says he's doing this for William.  Malik is not paying attention and doesn't turn the livestream off and Randall takes his shirt off on camera. Deja finally calls Malik and he turns the livestream off.

Rebecca thinks baby Kevin just needs to know he's not alone. 

Middle school - Jack thinks Rebecca lets Kevin quit all the time. He thinks she's too soft on him. Kevin asks Randall for help learning his plays.

The director tells Kevin he is a good actor but does he want to be great?

Ellie is upset. Kate tells her she's worried she tanked it and that it's insensitive for her to have named the baby in front of her. Is Ellie having second thoughts? Ellie says this is a lot for her. She says her husband died, they met in 10th grade but it took him a long time to ask her out. It turns out that her husband heard crazy rumors about her from a girl named Chloe. 

Malik tries to apologize to Randall, who is disappointed he wasn't taking things seriously. Malik says he had to get up at 4:30 AM so he could take care of the baby before he headed over to Randall's. This isn't boring but he has a daughter and her needs come first Randall tells him not to make his dreams smaller because of his family situation. Malik wants to go to an Ivy League school and then culinary school.  What he does need is a killer internship, like at City Hall. Randall says that can be arranged.

Kevin calls Kate on the way home. He is tired and not sure he can do this but he wants to win an Oscar before Mom can't remember him anymore. Kate brings up the fight with Randall. Kevin says this has nothing to do with that. Kate says Randall brought up some things about what it was like for him to grow up as a Black kid in a White family. Kevin says Mom and Dad were obsessed with Randall and ignored the rest of them. Kate says they don't talk about this stuff with Randall. Kevin says he's not an idiot. He knows it wasn't a walk in the park for Randall to be the only Black kid in that private school, but let's not pretend Mom and Dad did anything wrong. Kate says they all have stuff from their past. Kevin doesn't know what she's talking about. Kate says it's been a long day and she's just tired.

Randall comes home. He's not ready to laugh about it yet. Beth would like to laugh when he's ready. Deja tells Randall he's ruining her life by giving Malik an internship then thanks him.

Randall tells Beth that MMalik is just like him. He gets a call that the bulletin is going viral and might make the news, not just local either. 

Toby is laughing about the ultrasound but he thinks he loves the baby. Kate seems upset. He asks what's wrong. Kate says she's fine. Then she admits she's not. Her talk with Ellie brought up stuff for her that she never wanted to tell anyone.  She tells him she was in a really bad relationship when she was 18. (Marc). We have a flashback we've seen before of Kate declining to go to NY. Then she takes out a pregnancy test and goes to the bathroom. Shie discovers she is pregnant. Toby stares at her.

Rebecca tells Jack that maybe she is too easy on Kevin. Jack asks what changed. Rebecca tells him that Randall is helping Kevin memorize his playbook. She doesn't like to push when they seem unhappy. Jack tells her a story about how his dad put him down and acted like he was not good at anything. He wants his kids to know he sees greatness in them. Rebecca feels sorry for Jack's dad that he had a son like Jack and didn't see what he had. 

Randall tells Kevin that being him at his school means he has to be the best.

Adult Kevin ansers his door and finds a gift basket from the director.

Randall looks at memes people made of him dancing. 

The man from last week watches Randall saying he's doing this for William over and over and looks at the photo of himself with Laurel.

Jack drinks water while Kevin cries. He goes into middle school Kevin's room and sees him reading by flashlight. He hears baby Kevin crying  He doesn't open the door.


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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Rebecca: Jack. Kevin is totally exhausted.
Jack: Of course he's exhausted. He's staying up late doing something he loves. That's the best kind of exhausted.

Rebecca: I'm never leaving this bed. You can't make me.
Jack: I think I got two hours of sleep.
Rebecca: What? A whole two hours? Who are you? I am so tired that I can't remember the name of the guy from the fairy tale who sleeps forever.
Jack: We can't keep doing this. We have to let Kevin cry himself to sleep.