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New Mexico 1963.  A woman from Argentina meets a guy from India outside a bar, looking for a light for her cigarette. She starts talking about how big the food is in America. The man is more interested in his book about advanced computer programming.

Meanwhile, Jack and Rebecca are getting ready to go to the cabin with the teenage Big Three. The kids don't want to go. Rebecca thinks a romantic getaway without the kids seems nice.

In the present, Rebecca is upset not to be able to be there for any of the births and Randall and Beth keep Madison company despite Madison's offer to hang up.

Toby calls Kate for an update. Elly is impatient for labor to get moving. Also she tells the nurse that Kate is Mom, not her.

Rebecca can't wait to start a fire and sit in her cozy socks this weekend. Rebecca is glad not to hear Kate's recap of 90210 and Kevin and Randall not bickering this weekend. 

In the present, Rebecca wants a cocktail since she can't be there with the kids. It interacts with her meds but one should be okay, or so she says.

A guy wants Toby to move. At first Toby won't but the guy makes a speech about how his wife is dying of COVID.

The mystery people from the first scene have had a baby.

Miguel brings Rebecca a cocktail. Should be drinkable. It is super strong.

The bathroom in the cabin is flooded. Rebecca found a lot of the kids' old art. That has been messed up by the flood Jack thinks everything is ruined. He says Rebecca is ripping on the kids and he is going to the hardware store.

Toby gets a text. Car guy asks what's going on and notices that the guy has a bunch of stuffed pigs. The guy reminisces about how his wife loved Austria. Pigs are good luck in Austria. They might be able to take his wife off the ventilator soon. He hasn't been allowed inside because his wife has COVID. Toby talks to the guy about how hard it is for him to pick the baby's middle name. The guy uses a disinfectant wipe to give him a pig.

Madison is freaking out about the epidural. She needs Randall to distract her. He tells her a story about Kevin being drunk in high school. Kevin wanted them to have a boy band. Randall starts singing. Beth sings with him.

Suddenly Kevin shows up.

Madison wants to hit him and kiss him. Kevin doesn't know what to say to Randall, who is ready to let Kevin take over. Kevin says you wouldn't believe the insane night he had. It doesn't matter. All that matters is he made it.

Kevin holds Madison's hand while Kate holds Elly's.

When the babies are born Elly decides she wants to hold her daughter. Then wants to be alone with her.

Miguel asks Rebecca about the painting she's been staring at.

Rebecca is trying to dry the kids' artwork on a clothesline. She doesn't understand why Jack is upset. He doesn't like that the kids don't want to hang out anymore. Rebecca thinks this is normal. Jack says we only have a few more years together before they grow up. Then they will only call once a week if even. Rebecca says their family isn't ending any time soon. She shows him the picture she is looking at in the future and says it represents their family always being together.

Elly tells the baby that giving her up is the hardest thing she's ever done but the best thing she can do. Kate is waiting nervously outside and gets to meet the baby. She calls Toby who has decided to name the baby Hailey Rose after the man's wife.

Kevin calls Randall. Kevin can't believe he's a dad. They are naming the babies Nicholas and Frances, after Madison's grandmother.  He also thanks Randall for being there for Madison. He apologizes for the things he said to Randall. Randall says they can talk about that some other time.

The mystery couple is having problems. The husband didn't come home on time.  He was working on some computer science thing, or so he says. She wants to know why it matters so much to him. Explain so she will understand.

Miguel and Rebecca have been playing games. Kate called.

The mystery man explains how he is inventing a way to share images via computer n ow that the military has created the Internet. What if they could share videos too?

Rebecca and Miguel talk to Kate on video chat. They meet Hailey Rose.

We have a montage. Jack and Rebecca fingerpainting with the little Big Three. Kevin and Madison introducing their twins to Rebecca and Miguel. Beth talking to Kate. Kevin introduces Nick to Nicky who is touched.

Car guy talks to his guy Rose.

Madison and Kevin meet Hailey.

A caption tells us the mystery couple was the man who invented the technology to share photos and video and that the show caught up with him and his wife for their 50th anniversary.



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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Uh uh. No group texts. If I can't be in the delivery room because of freaking Covid, then I want personalized updates.


Kevin: We all have sleepover plans this weekend. Parent approved.
Jack: Cancel them. We're going on a family vacation and -
Rebecca: Jack. Let me talk to you over here. Would it be the worst thing in the world if we went away for the weekend without the little grumps?