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We see a family driving down the road. The father looks a bit like Randall but is actually the actor who plays Bill on Wonder Years. They get into an accident.

The nurse asks Rebecca how she's doing. She seems comatose. We then see a younger Rebecca on a train waiting for someone. William appears to her and asks her to come to the bar car with him.

In the present, everyone is in the living room. Toby says he wants to pay for his own food, then says he is joking. Toby's kids arrive with Philip. Philip says Kate is on her way from London.

Deja and Randall sit and Randall wonders if it's right that they're talking and laughing. Deja tells him that she's pregnant. She says they're not even married yet. Randall asks to give her a hug. Deja hasn't told her partner yet because he's working late for a change.

A guy named Marcus (same name as the kid in the first scene) complains to a lab rat that in the prime of his life he's in the lab every night.

The hospice nurse tells Randall and Kevin she doesn't see Rebecca making it through the night.

In the past, we see that 11-year-old Marcus is unconscious in the hospital.

Nicky wonders who should go say goodbye first. Beth volunteers.

As Beth comes in, we see younger Rebecca in the train car, walking past herself as a child. She sees Beth. Beth says she just wanted to see her. We hear Beth's goodbye on the train.  William tells Rebecca that the train is moving fast and we have to keep going.

Kate calls Randall and says she will be there in 12 hours. She is upset to hear that Rebecca might not make it through the night. She feels guilty about having gone to London. Randall and Kevin say that Mom would have wanted her to do this. She tells them that they have to tell Rebecca she is on her way.

On the train, Dr. K is the bartender.

Marcus' boss wants to go home but Marcus is excited that his pancreatic cancer drug appears to be working. His boss says their funding has dried up and Marcus needs a life outside of the lab.

Randall asks Beth how she is doing. She has said what she needed to say. She won't tell him what she said. Randall thinks he has a secret too but Beth has already realized that Deja is pregnant. Randall says he and Kev will go in last and he doesn't know what to say to her.  He wants to get it right. Beth tells him he always does.

On the train, Rebecca spies a mug with Jack's photo on it and Dr. K has the Steelers game on. She asks for a vesper. Dr. K says her kids grew up beautifully. She sees them at all ages and says Kate is not here. Dr. K says he knows. Rebecca says she's spent her whole life worrying about them and now... Dr. K says there's nothing left to do and she needs to trust the process.

Rebecca says she made lots of mistakes. Dr. K says there are no perfect games in parenting. He tells her he was afraid he would lose her the day of the Big Three's birth. But she survived. But then she lost a child and a husband but what a thing she made of it all. She has earned her rest.

Sophie has brought some records. Kevin says Joni Mitchell was Mom's favorite. This right here is his favorite. Jack knows who it is. They talk about how Rebecca broke into Joni Mitchell's house and she went on a road trip with Jack on their third date.  Sophie goes to say her goodbyes and says Rebecca and Jack had a hell of a story like her and Kevin.

Toby tells Rebecca she believed in him and made him a better father. She loves him more than Philip, right?

Annie tells Rebecca she felt so small in this family. Rebecca walks down the train and sees little Annie reminding her that she told her that quiet was okay as long as she wasn't afraid to be loud.

Madison has a story about her bachelorette party that Kevin would rather the kids not hear.

There is a montage of memories as Joni Mitchell plays in the background. Everyone retires for the night.

Randall and Kevin come in to say their goodbyes. Kevin tells Rebecca that Kate is on her way but is here in spirit. They don't seem to know what else to say. Kevin asks Randall about a time Kate had appendicitis at Thanksgiving. Randall insists it's Christmas. Kevin also thinks Pilgrim Rick was real. They recall how ripped Jack was. Kevin also recalls Rebecca taking him to get an autographed baseball card. They wonder if their banter is getting through to Rebecca.

On the train, Rebecca sees a snow globe. She sees Miguel sitting in a seat with a glass of wine.  He tells Rebecca she's still his favorite person. William says they must go.

Malik comes to see Deja. He wants to marry her and have this baby with her.

Marcus meets with his family and is down he doesn't get to go ahead with his cancer trial. He recalls being in the hospital. His brother thinks it's his fault Hs father says it's no one's fault and Marcus is going to be fine. He goes to get coffee and is standing next to Jack.

Jack tells the man that vending machines are next door. They make small talk about the coffee. Jack's hands are bandaged. He says his house burned down tonight. Marcus' father asks if everyone is okay. Jack says he's waiting for them to run a few tests but he is okay. Marcus' father says there was an accident and his son is in surgery.

Marcus and his brother and sister try to understand why something having to do with lemonade is their family motto.

Marcus codes while the doctor talks to Jack.

Marcus' pulse returns just as Jack dies. The doctor is shocked to hear that Jack is gone when he seemed fine. However, Marcus is okay.

Rebecca is at the caboose car and she says no, she's waiting for someone.

The nurse says Rebecca is a fighter. Randall looks out the window at the kids playing four square. Kate finally arrives.

On the train Rebecca hears Kate say she's here and she loves her.

Rebecca tells William okay. He opens the caboose car. She sees a child playing a game on a phone.

Randall tells Rebecca that they're good now. She made them good.  He thanks her for everything. Kate is sobbing

Willima tells Rebecca that if something makes her sad when it ends, it must have been pretty wonderful while it was happening.

Marcus gets an award for developing an Alzheimer's drug.

Rebecca lies down in a bed with Jack.


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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Randall: We're all just waiting, laughing, eating Chinese. Is this even right?
Deja: I don't think there are any rules for any of this.

I'm waiting for someone. My father always said he'd take me on a train like this someday, where we wear tuxedos and vespers. I have no idea what vespers are.