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Lucy storms out on her father, Benjamin, after arguing about Rittenhouse. Lucy tells Rufus and Christopher is her father. Despite all that's going on, Rufus and Lucy go back in time for Paris in 1927, along with replacement soldier Dave Baumgartner. Flynn shoots down and captures the injured Charles Lindbergh. The trio meets reporter Ernest Hemingway, who takes them to a club where Josephine Baker is performing. NSA Agent Jake Neville tells Christopher the NSA has taken over the project, and that she's been re-assigned. An imprisoned Wyatt and Christopher compare notes, and are suspicious of Neville, who Wyatt thinks is mounting a coup. Baker gives the trio and Hemingway a line of where Lindbergh is being held. Dave gets killed in a shootout with Flynn's men. Hemingway volunteers to take Dave's place. Lucy gets captured by Flynn's men when Rufus takes Hemingway to the restroom. Lucy volunteers to talk Lindbergh out of becoming a member of Rittenhouse. Lindbergh is a Rittenhouse legacy like Lucy. Hemingway gives a depressed Rufus a drunken pep talk. They figure out that Flynn is in the catacombs. Lucy encourages Lindbergh to follow his dream. Christopher and Wyatt piece together that Rittenhouse is in control of Mason Industries and the Lifeboat. Christopher leaves behind a paper clip for Wyatt to use to escape. Flynn goes to visit Charvet, an industrialist and Rittenhouse member. Rufus lures out Flynn's henchman and Hemingway knocks him out. Emma lets everyone escape. Rufus and Lucy find out how things have changed during their trip to the past. Lucy's mom gives her the blank journal that Flynn will have. The trio join Christopher in a warehouse to make plans to fight. Christopher reveals the NSA agents who took over are Rittenhouse as well. 

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Flynn is going to murder people, is going to kill people and change history and you know that. And if we don't stop him, that's on us.

Rufus [to Lucy]

You'll come around. Like we all did. Because it's who you are. It's your legacy.

Cahill [to Lucy]