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Dick decided to leave the team behind and went to meet Donna Troy. She was happy to hear he had left Robin behind, but she was concerned that he made a mistake by burning the costume. 

Donna kept hers close to her, likely to suit back up if she ever needs to. 

Donna went on a mission, and Dick ambushed her so she had to pretend that she had been ambushed as well. Donna then deciphered the prophecy to reveal that Kory is there to kill Rachel.

Meanwhile, tensions flared up on the train when Kory wondered whether the man who was checking her out was working with the villains. 

In a crazy twist, the train was surrounded by police officers and she had to use her powers to escape. 

When she met up with the others, they made their way to an old house that was in Angela's family. Rachel decided to help Kory to remember everything, and Kory tried to kill her. 

Donna and Dick made their way towards the house to find out what the heck was going on. 


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It's a Justice League thing.


This not knowing a thing about myself getting fucking old.