Starfire and Blackfire on a Mission - Titans
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The Titans are worried about what's next for Scarecrow, so they split up in the name of getting the upper hand.

The crime rate in Gotham is spiraling out of control thanks to the concoction.

Blackfire and Starfire turn to Knox, who says she will only help them if they bring her son to her.

They do and she blows his brains out, saying he's been working with the FBI behind her back.

Starfire responds by killing Knox and she and her sister have a heart-to-heart about Tameron.

This allows Starfire to realize her sister only killed their father as an act of revenge.

Starfire gives her sister her costume back.

Conner and Dick find a man with the same device in his heart as Hawk, but it's been modified and there's no saving him.

The Titans head to the facility and obliterate all of Scarecrow's product and defenses.

Back at Wayne Manor, the tension mounts between Dick and Barbara.

Gar leaves to go get Molly to let her know about Jason's situation and they form an unlikely alliance in the name of saving his life.

Will they succeed or will they fail?

So many questions as we head into the final episodes.

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Titans Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Starfire: This might sound insane, but I am dying for ice some ice cream.
Blackfire: Did anyone think to grab some when we were at Snowy Cones?
Starfire: Maybe Door Dash. A couple of gallons of Rocky Road?
Conner: I can beat Door Dash.

Dick: One more?
Barbara: I think one's my limit. Thanks, though.
Dick: Okay.