Donna and Tim - Titans
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Dick is dead and the Titans are all split up.

Gar and Rachel work together and find his body.

Gar cries and bats appear, he becomes one, and then they pick Dick up and take him to the pit.

Inside, he's in a form of purgatory, but he's being annoyed by Scarecrow.

He sees visions of what his life could be, including a daughter.

He punches Scarecrow and comes through the pit and back to the land of the living.

He finds Jason and tells him they need to work together to defeat Scarecrow.

Jason asks to rejoin the Titans and he says no, but they can save the world.

This is enough for Jason to join in the fight.

Krypto finds Blackfire and leads her to Connor. They are mad about the Titans and they both agree to go on the run together.

They go to the facility and Starfire is there. They talk it out and she tells her sister she loves her and will return to rule with her.

Blackfire says it's something she needs to do herself. Connor is upset and blows up the ship, preventing her return home.

Crane has all the supplies he needs to blow up Gotham.

Barbara escapes from jail and tries to power up the Oracle again.

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Titans Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Your story begins the night your parents died.


Connor: Why are you doing this? You know Kryptonians can't survive on Tamaran. Why do you even want to go back? You said it yourself, they never appreciated you.
Blackfire: But now it's different. Now I'm their Queen.
Connor: So you need to be a Queen to matter? You mattered to me from the moment I saw you. Komand'r, stay here with me. To hell with everyone else.
Blackfire: I wish I could. But it's not that simple.
Connor: So you're just like the rest of them. You promise one thing and then change the rules.
Blackfire: I meant what I said about wanting us to be together. But ever since I was a girl, there's been a voice inside me that says that I am meant to be more than what others make me out to be. Now I finally know. That voice was telling me who I really am. If I don't go back to Tamaran, I won't be home. If I don't go back now, I never will.