Rachel and Gar Reunited - Titans
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Donna bumps into Tim and they remember each other.

He takes her to his house and his parents thought he was dead, so they hit out.

Donna says that she needs to find her people and be gone, and Tim uses his lair to help.

The cops show up and ask a lot of questions and they realize everyone is under Crane's rule and are using it to buy time.

They figure out the best foot forward is to save everyone and unite.

Dick knocks Connor and Krypto out and goes to fight Red Hood. He's winning the fight .... until a civilian shoots him in the neck and everyone pledges allegiance to Red Hood.

Jason runs off and back to the mansion.

Crane is having issues with not being a persona and not being able to kill after hearing Bruce's report on him, so he kidnaps a pizza boy and kills him.

Kory follows her visions and asks a woman about her child. She is shot and new powers are unleashed, but we also learn Komand'r was born with the powers and their father had them swapped to Kory as a way of keeping the peace.

Kory is shocked and doesn't know what to do.

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Titans Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

This is the Lazarus Pit.


Gar: What's wrong?
Rachel: Something's happening to Dick.