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Viewers met Alcide this week, a werewolf Eric bribed (under threat of danger for his father, who owes money to Eric) to protect Sookie in Mississippi as she looked for Bill there.

At a werewolf bar in that state, Sookie flirted with one of the creatures that we saw torture Bill on the season finale. Alcide swooped in to save her when the dude got rough and we learned something about him: Debbie, his ex, is engaged to Cooter, one of the lead werewolves under the King's command.


- Arlene learned she was pregnant, but the baby isn't Terry's. She can't bring herself to tell him that, though.

- Under the control of Franklin, Tara had amazing sex with the vampire and then was glamored to let him inside Sookie's house, where Tara is residing again after Sookie's gesture of paying for Eggs' funeral. Earlier in the episode, we saw Franklin grill Jessica about Bill Compton (apparently, he stole the body of the dude she killed, too), during which he learned Tara was living in Sookie's home. Franklin clearly has a keen interest in Bill.

- Jason tried to pass the police exam, as he wants to be a cop now. Also, Bud quit as chief of police.

- Sam's family showed up at his bar, where he was forced to throw his dad out for being too drunk and for serving his underage brother. Later, Sam's brother broke into Sam's office and flew away when he was discovered there.

- Eric bribed Lafayette with a car. He wants him to be inspired to sell a lot of V, as we all know what problems Eric and the Queen have needed to get rid of their supply.

- We saw Bill's dreaming/flashing back to three years after he was turned. He visited his human wife and learned their son died from small pox. But Lorena found him there and forced Bill to glamor his ex and make her forget. She had a message for him: if a vampire really loves a human, the best thing he can do it leave her alone. In present day, Bill seemed to get that message and told the King he was happily now under his command. Bill's goal? To spare Sookie, as the King did admit he'd lead her alone now that Bill was working for him.

But Lorena later confronted Bill and called him out for lying. They had a very intense discussion - which led to even more intense sex! Lorena loved it, as Bill literally turned her head around 180 degrees so he wouldn't see her face, as he pounded her like only a vampire can. Crazy stuff!

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Vampire to vampire, how much do you really love that human of yours? Why not turn her?

The King of Mississippi

I got your rug all wet.

Eric [after killing a werewolf]

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