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It's the 20th anniversary of a gas attack perpetrated by Jamal and Bassam's father that killed 20,000 people. There's discontent in the country over unemployment and lack of freedom. An unemployed man burns himself in the plaza to draw attention to the anniversary and to compare Jamal and his father.

Jamal continues to struggle with his injury. He pushes his wife away and isn't able to function normally.

Bassam convinces his brother to talk to the people instead of using military force to end the peaceful protests. When Jamal's convoy is ambushed, the President decides to raid the plaza and secures the support of the United States. John Tucker warns there's only so far that the US is willing to tolerate.

In order to prevent the deaths of the raid, Bassam warns his brother that he will end up dead like Gaddafi and recommends that Jamal talk to the opposition instead and come to an understanding. Jamal agrees.


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