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Barry is still in the Beduoin village. Ghani tries to persuade him to stay there forever. Daliyah is leaving soon for Germany, for a program on solar energy. 

Rashid and Samira are in hiding. Rashid arranges for a follower to pick up forged passports for them.

Amira waits outside of a funeral, and greets a young man in a military uniform, who is the son of the dead woman. She tells him she wants him to meet his father. 

Nusrat has a sonogram. Leila insists on knowing the sex -- it's a boy.

Amira visits Jamal and tells him about the son he was unaware of.

Taj betrays Rashid and Samira, and they are taken captive.

Rashid knows their captor. It's an old classmate from Cairo who wants to liberate Abuddin from the "apostate regime."

Ahmed is not performing well as Energy minister. He tries to mitigate his father's ire by giving Jamal a copy of the sonogram photo. After Ahmed leaves, Jamal calls Amira to set up a meeting with the unknown son.

Jimmy shows up at the Al Fayeed house with news that the will is being contested. Sammy will have to travel to Abuddin to appear in court. Molly is against the idea. 

The local doctor suggests that Daliyah won't return from Germany, and Ghani is upset.

Amira introduces Jamal to Rami Said, his son. Jamal takes Rami on a tour of the palace, and shares his history with Rami's mother. They bond at the shooting range, and Leila interrupts them. Jamal prevaricates when Leila asks how they know one another. 

Samira eats with Abu Omar's wife, who urges her to stay in Abuddin. Rashid accuses Abu Omar of becoming too radical.

Jamal talks to Leila about Rami -- he wants to offer him a position in the army, but she thinks it's a bad idea. Jamal reveals that Rami is his son. She is not supportive. 

Barry watches videos of his family on a cell phone. Daliyah is upset that Ghani is missing, and wants to give up on Germany. 

Sammy's got a Snapchat stalker. Molly apologizes for over-reacting, and Sammy argues for a return to Abuddin.

Barry finds Ghani, and convinces him to return home. He then convinces Daliyah to go to Germany by promising to watch over her son until she returns in six months.

Jamal offers a position in the Abuddin army to Rami at the cafe where he last saw Rami's mother. Rami turns him down.

Rashid and Samira go over Abu Omar's offer and if they should accept his support. Samira is in favor of it, but Rashid struggles with the moral repercussions.

Jimmy talks to Molly about Sammy's case. He urges her to support Sammy's decision.

Daliyah says goodbye to her family. 

Jamal tells Leila that he decided she was right and that Rami should leave Abuddin. She asks Jamal if he loved Rami's mother. 

Jamal is frustrated with Ahmed's job performance.

Molly calls her contact at the state department to set up a trip to Abuddin.

Deliyah is in a jeep with a woman from the solar program when they are ambushed by religious radicals and is held at gunpoint by Rashid.



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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Did you find my Lady Al Fayeed trust?


I have given you everything, Jamal. But all you ever do is think about yourself. Jamal wants, and Jamal needs.