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Halima discusses the assassination attempt with her peer. She advocates non violence.

Namir watches the military troops move out.

Rashid comforts Malik's father. Namir calls Rashid, and the phones cut out, alerting Rashid to an imminent attack. Halima runs towards the bombing

Jamal reprimands Tariq for using the gas bombs. Tariq claims it was an implied order and that it gives Jamal plausible deniability. He suggests blaming the gas attacks on Rashid's group.

Barry is nursed to health by one of the young Beduoins. The other young man, Kasim, steals medical supplies from a clinic. His stepmother confronts him about the contents of his bag, and she comes to help. Barry instructs her on how to use the IV.

Jamal looks at pictures of the bombing. 

Leila tries to spin some PR, but the Louvre has pulled out of her exhibition. 

Ahmed gets a haircut to look more mature.

Jamal meets with the Chinese ambassador, and blames the gas attacks on Rashid, while reassuring him that the attacks crippled the rebellion. Ahmed questions his father about the gas, and says he would have been fine if Jamal had ordered the attack.

Barry recovers with with captors. They question him about why he was in prison. He tells them the very broad strokes of his story, but lies about his name.

In Ma'an, the dead are laid out in a mosque. Samira finds Namir's body.

Jamal makes a statement about the bombing as Rashid watches. Samira returns and describes the horror to Rashid. Some local citizens arrive and ask Rashid and Samira to leave. 

Jamal announces an inquiry into the "terrorists" chemical weapons cache. After, he brushes off Ahmed, and advises Leila to postpone a trip to visit victims. 

Kasim calls a friend in the army to check on Barry's story, and he finds out there is no record of any escaped prisoner. 

The stepmother checks on Barry, and gives him a phone to call his family. 

Molly finds Sammy in bed with another boy. She tries to talk to him about it, but he accuses her of avoiding the discussion in the past. Sammy gets upset talking about Barry.

Barry hesitates over the phone, and decides not to call. He hears the call to prayer while out on a walk, and waits outside the mosque. 

Jimmy shows up at the house to go over Barry's will. Sammy has inherited to $100 million. 

Barry greets Ahmos, who is going to give a feast in Barry's honor. He tells Barry about the attack in Ma'an.

While Leila visits the wounded, Halima confronts her about the bombing and throws paint on her. 

Molly runs into Jimmy at church, and they talk about how she gave up her religion. 

Barry looks at pictures of the bombing victims, and Kasim tells his father what he found out. Ahmos' youngest offers to teach Barry how to pray. Ahmos accuses Barry of lying, and Kasim's army friend shows up. Ahmos covers for Barry.

Leila is upset about the incident with Halima. Jamal admits the truth to her. 

Barry explains to Ahmos why he didn't call Molly, and Ahmos outlines a plan to get Barry into Lebanon, but invites him to stay. The call to prayer begins.

Molly convinces the kids to say grace before supper.

Barry goes to the mosque, and joins in the prayers. 

Rashid prays over Namir's body.

As the Al Fayeeds play charades as family, Leila pretends to be happy. 




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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I wanted to believe you. I wanted us to be different. Not like your father. This is not how it was supposed to be for us. I wanted to be loved by my people. I wanted to be a mother of a country. Now look what you did! We can never make it right, we can never put it back, Jamal.


All violence brings is more violence.