The Power Struggle at Mode
Daniel goes to visit his father who tells him it's up to him to keep Meade Publications running, you believe I'm innocent, don't you?  I want to.  Alexis arrives at the office and tells Betty how they did her surgery, and no they don't keep it in a jar.  Daniel is running a staff meeting when Alexis walks in with company charter and says that in case of Bradford being arrested or deceased, his oldest song, Alex, takes over the company.  Her first act is she fires Daniel and makes Wilhelmina Editor in Chief.  Daniel then temporarily stops Alexis and Wilhelmina's takeover with an injunction.  No longer Editor in Chief, Wilhelmina heads home for the rest of the day.  Claire come to the office ecstatic to have both of her children back.  She still hasn't visited Bradford in prison and seems oblvious to everything going on around her.  Daniel sends her with Betty to make it a spa day.

Wilhelmina is unable to handle being at home all day and has Marc set up a camera so she can control things remotely.  Alexis and Daniel both stage press releases and have a huge fight over the media that's between them.  Just as it's about to turn physical, Betty steps in and stops it.  Claire tricks Daniel and Alexis into coming out to Coney Island and makes them talk in some bumper cars.  We find out why Alexis wanted revenge on her father.  Bradford told her if she went through the surgery she'd lose everything: the company, the money, and her family.  She never told Daniel because she thoguht she'd be rejecred twice.  Meanwhile, Wilhelmina refuses to let a bad issue come out and heads into the office.  The episode ends with Betty coming to visit Claire at a hotel room where she's staying (she doesn't want to be in her empty house) and a drunken Claire confesses she was the on that killed Fey Sommers!

Henry and Betty
Henry asks Betty to go with him to see Wicked.  She can't because of Walter.  Ignacio comes to visit Betty at work to tell her Walter was offered an assistant manager position in Maryland, he wants oto stay to be with Betty.  When Walter comes in to visit Betty to talk to her, she dodges out and takes Claire to the spa.  At the spa, the two have a good talk and Betty determines she's breaking up with Walte.  When she gets home from work, Walter is waiting for her.  He kisses her and tells her he wanted one last kiss before they break up.  He saw it coming.  Betty goes to work the next day and Henry gives her both tickets.  Before Betty can tell him she broke up with Walter, he tells her he's back with his ex and she came to New York and they're going to try and make it work.  Crap.

Justin, Hilda and Ignacio
Justin comes home from school with Santos, he got into a fight.  Justin and Santos talk about Justin, Santos was to do something about his "interests."  The mom of the boy that Justin got into a fight with comes over, "your boy beat up my Bobby."  It turns out Justin started the fight because Bobby called his mom a slut!  Hilda and Santos aren't mad, Santos just wants to teach him not to scratch when fighting.  The mom tells Hilda maybe Bobby wouldn't call her a slut if she dressed like a mom.  Hilda goes to to school the next day in a sweater to drop Justin off, but he tells her to be herself.  She has her own style.  Aww.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Wilhelmina: These gold pumps will not step foot in this building until I rule this magazine
Alexis: She's melodramatic isn't she?
Marc: Don't you love it?

Alexis: And no i didn't quit smoking, it's a hormone patch so the mustache doesn't grow back
Betty: Where'd you get that because I have to bleach all the time?