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Julia and Barbie have a heart-to-heart and come to realize they are on the same side.  He tells her about the Melanie and the girl's connection to the egg, Sam and others.

Junior looks through Sam's house for more information about his mother and a clue about where Lyle went. When Sam realizes that Junior blames Lyle for Angie's death, he plays along and hides the missing journal pages at the barber shop.

The town is split over what to do about Big Jim. He puts into play a plan with Phil to sabotage Julia's food collection by blowing it up and hiding the food. It works until Julia finds another food source and lets Jim and Rebecca out.

Norrie continues to be jealous of Melanie and it gets even worse when Joe and Melanie kiss.

When locker 1821 is opened, they find a tunnel

Under the Dome
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