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Barbie is interrogated about what he knows about the dome by a group of men in unmarked black outfits. He refuses to give them any information. His father shows up and wants to work out a deal. They will free Barbie for the egg. He refuses.

Barbie's father is actually behind everything, not the government. He gives the guard permission to use any means to get what they want. Meanwhile, he contacts Julia and offers her Barbie's freedom for the egg.

Big Jim finds lets Junior know that he's aware Barbie's alive and he wants the egg. Junior starts to help his father, but ends up working with Melanie to protect the egg. Jim offers the guards outside the dome the egg in exchange for getting him and Junior out.

Barbie escapes and finds Hunter. When he gets there he finds Pauline, Lyle and Sam also there. He knows where the Red Door is and they go through in just in time to escape Barbie's father. They end up in Chester Mills' lake.

Pauline goes to find Junior and runs into BIg Jim. He's shocked to see his "dead" wife.


Under the Dome
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